10 Steps to Care for Your Facial Skin

Most women are verging on obsession when it comes to caring for the skin. This may sound as an exaggeration but a high number of women spend thousands of Euros, dollars, pesos and almost every currency that you can think of in skin care products. The topic of proper skin care is also no stranger to women all over the world. Many bond over this topic and share their skin care regimen with each other while some argue over what’s the proper way of caring for the skin.

You would see many magazines discussing this topic and online you will actually come across many websites offering skin care tips and advices. Most of these magazines and websites have women as their audience. This solidifies the fact that many women actually love caring for their skin.

Probably the most discussed topic in skin care is facial skin care. So how should you care for your facial skin?

Here are ten steps on how to properly care for your skin.

  1. Never use soap to wash your face. The skin is actually acidic with a PH of 4 to 5. The acidity of the skin is actually its defence mechanism against the elements such as the wind, sun rays, dust, dirt and pollution. Soaps are actually alkaline and if you have paid attention in your 4th grade science class you would know that alkaline is at the complete opposite end of acid. When you wash your face with soap you are actually destroying the defence of your skin which means that once exposed to the elements your skin will be defenseless against its harmful effects.
  2. What you should use in washing your face is a cleanser. Be sure that the cleanser you use is mild and also suited for your skin type.
  3. Always wash off make up. Most women use make up. If you do apply make up on your face be sure to use a soft flannel when removing your make up.
  4. When you are to dry off after washing your face always pat dry with a towel. Never rub the towel on your skin especially the skin on your face. The skin on your face is actually very sensitive. Rubbing your face dry will not just rob its skin of essential oils but also may irritate it.
  5. Use a toner.When you wash your face with cleanser the dirt and make up residue is removed. However you would need a toner so that your pores will close.
  6. Once you have applied toner on your skin you should apply a moisturiser. One of the best moisturisers to use is Argan oil. Argan oil does not actually just moisturise the skin, this oil also has anti aging properties and skin nourishing components. Make sure that the moisturiser you use is suited for your skin type.
  7. When you apply moisturiser, don’t lather on your skin like there is no tomorrow. If you have that sticky feeling on your skin then you have lathered on too much moisturiser.
  8. Always protect your skin from the sun’s rays. UV rays cause skin to age rapidly by destroying collagen. UV rays are also known to cause skin cancer.
  9. Never sleep with your make up still on your face.
  10. Don’t be too stubborn to follow these skin care tips.

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