16 Fun and Clever Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Having trouble organizing your beauty products? Here are some clever ways on how you can arrange your beauty and personal care products neatly and beautifully with the use of ordinary things found in your home.

16 Clever Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

  1. For your perfume bottles, you can use your spice rack to serve as a shelf for storage.
  2. If you have a cake stand, you can display your bottles of fragrances on top of it.
  3. If space is an issue, a revolving spice rack can serve as a clever and practical storage for your beauty products.
  4. When traveling, toss your makeup brushes in a slim sunglasses case. This way, they’re easy to carry around and you won’t lose them.
  5. If you’ve got an old pencil box lying around, use it to store your mascara, brushes, and liner pencils.
  6. Got an extra flower vase in your home? Fill it up with coffee beans or beads and then stick your makeup brushes inside with the bristles facing up. This gives you easy access to them.
  7. Don’t like your beauty products all mixed up? Use a kitchen utensil tray to separate your products by category in organizing your makeup drawer.
  8. Are your hot tools all over the place with their wires all tangled up? Store them inside a magazine holder.
  9. Here’s another clever way to store your hot tools. Place adhesive hooks inside of a cabinet door and hang them there.
  10. For larger hair care products, you can use a hanging shoe organizer. Place the products inside its pouches.
  11. Not using the wine rack you got as a present? Use it as a storage place for your hairspray bottles.
  12. Got a lot of eyeshadow singles? If you have a spare ice tray, you can stick your eyeshadow singles into the ice tray slots. This way you’ll see all the shades at once.
  13. If you have lucite desk organizers, you can use it for stowing away your make up. This way you’ll see everything that’s stowed.
  14. Got a lot of plastic food containers? Are those microwavable containers piling up? Make good use of them in organizing your makeup application tools.  Line your drawers with plastic food containers so your cotton balls, sponges and other makeup application tools are neatly arranged and stored inside.
  15. If you have an old candle vase that you’re not using, you can stick your cotton swabs in it.
  16. Cookie jars are not just for cookies. You can actually use a cookie jar as a storage place for your nail polishes.

Organizing and arranging your beauty products are easier and much more fun with these ideas! Do you know of other clever ways on how to store beauty products? Let us know by dropping in a comment!

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