2 Anti-aging Tips That’ll Help You Live Longer and Stay Youthful

There is no denying that we have this obsession about staying young and living longer. We have been searching for the fountain of youth for thousands of years. and just by looking at the numerous anti-aging products available in the market, one can safely say that many of us want to stay looking youthful.

Aside from looking youthful, we also want to live longer. A number of us spend hours in the gym or yoga class to ensure that we get enough exercise on  a regular basis. Regular exercise boosts one’s health and at the same time one’s appearance. A growing number of people are now also realizing that diet has a huge impact not just on one’s health but also on the process of skin aging. So what’s on your plate? For sure you have read about certain foods that can help you live longer and look youthful. But it’s equally important to pay attention to foods that you should avoid putting on your plate. So what’s not on your plate?

2 Simple Anti-aging Tips

1. Do Not Give in To the Sweet Poison

Carbohydrates have been placed in the negative light for a long time. But the truth is our body requires carbohydrates for energy. However, it is important to note that where we get our carbohydrates from matters. Sugar fuels the body. But too much sugar of the wrong kind can rob you of your much needed energy and even make your skin sag. So if you are among those with a sweet tooth, you may want to rethink having that sugar glazed doughnut or another one perhaps.

Refined carbohydrates and commercially produced cakes, muffins, juices, sweet cereals, sweetened yogurts, and sweets (candies and lollies, gum, etc) can cause your insulin pathways to overload which in turn affects your blood vessels causing to speed up aging. Skin breakouts can also happen when your intake of sugar is high since they increase inflammation. Aside from breakouts, chronic inflammation can up your risk for developing diabetes and other chronic diseases. No one needs further convincing that illness causes rapid aging.

So when your sweet tooth starts craving, don’t grab the usual sweets that you eat such as doughnuts, cakes, or chocolates. Instead, make sure that you keep a few of your favorite fruits frozen in your fridge. Eat the fruit as is or add in some almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder and then blend it for a delicious and healthy smoothie!

2. Shake Off Your Salt Habit

Sodium is essential for the body. However, most commercially sold food products that we love eating these days are laced with too much sodium. Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 1500 mg of salt daily? Just ¾ teaspoon is already 1,725 mg. Having more than 1500 mg of salt daily ups your risk of developing hypertension aka the silent killer.

If your intake of salt is excess, you’ll look bloated as salt increases fluid retention. Too much sodium may also weaken the blood vessels which can impact how the skin looks.

To curb your craving for salty foods, start using more dried and fresh herbs in your dishes. After a time, your taste buds will start adjusting. Avoid processed meats, canned foods and fast food meals.

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