2 Bizarre Anti-aging Treatments

Defy The Tests Of Time With Bizarre Anti-Aging Tips

What’s the most bizarre anti-aging treatment you have heard or read about? Many of us are always on the haunt for tips and methods to keep our skin looking youthful. And perhaps it s safe to say that we have heard tons of tips from effective ones, a total waste and perhaps the bizarre. So what’s the most bizarre anti-aging trick you have ever heard or read about?

2 Bizarre Anti-aging Treatments

  • Bee Venom Facials
    Have you heard about bee-venom facials? If you are a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton then you probably have heard about bee-venom facials. Beauty blogs were buzzing about the rumor that the flawless complexion of Her Royal Highness, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is due to an ingredient many of us will consider as an unusual. What is this ingredient? Bee venom! Of course, this rumor was not confirmed as true by Her Royal Highness herself or the Buckingham Palace or anyone from her camp. If this is in fact true, this just confirms just how people in all walks of life get stung and hooked by various anti-aging craze. So what is it all about?Bee-venom facials sound scary already and yes, this anti-aging treatment is definitely for the bold…and not to mention rich. Although, having a bee-venom facial at home is highly not recommended, but if you are going to give it a shot, it will cost you a whopping $130 a pot. So how is this anti-aging treatment suppose to work? Here’s the theory. Bee venom pumps up collagen therefore tightening the skin, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Rumored fans of this bizarre anti-aging treatment include Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Kylie Minogue, and the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer.Caution: Before you give this anti-aging treatment a try, make sure that you are not allergic. Before using any bee product or any skin care product for that matter, it is best to do a spot-test first.
  • Placenta Face Masks
    Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo as we fondly call her gets her beautiful and youthful glow from something not so pretty. What is her anti-aging secret? Many years ago, during a VH1 special number, J.Lo herself said that she is a huge fan of anti-aging placenta face masks. Wondering what’s in placenta face masks? We warned you, it’s not pretty. So if your squimish, you can skip this part. Freeze dried, sterilized powder from placentas taken after live human births or mammals like pigs, sheep, or goats are the usual ingredients in this type of masks. How does it work? These placenta are packed with proteins and enzymes that help keep the skin youthful.

Are you willing try out these bizarre anti-aging treatments? Before you do, it is best to talk to your dermatologist first.

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