3 Celebrity Chefs The World Is In Love With

Exceptional Chef Creates Exceptional Dishes

Celebrity chefs are well loved. They would not be celebrities if people don’t love watching their cooking shows. Chefs have this certain charm and the celebrity chefs of today are no doubt really charming. Plus it seems that most people all across the globe agree that any man or woman who whips up delicious dishes with such ease is easy to fall in love with. We listed down 3 of the chefs that have smitten many hearts all across the globe.

3 Chefs the Whole World Is In Love With

1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s boy next door charisma is undeniable. Many women, young and old are quite smitten with his boyish charm. But aside from charisma and his natural good looks and amazing talent in whipping up delicious dishes, Jamie Oliver is serious about helping children fight obesity. His efforts in promoting healthy eating habits earned him a TED Prize worth 100,000. He has tons of TV shows, has published 16 cookbooks and earned a whopping $100 million in sales and he has 28 branches of his Italian restaurant all across the globe. Jamie Oliver is estimated to be worth $172 million dollars.

2. Gordon Ramsay

He may be foul-mouthed but chef Gordon Ramsay is well-loved by many all over the world and he is well-respected in the culinary world. He holds a string of successful restaurants all over the world from Italy to the United States and with 7 Michelin stars. He recently opened Union Street Café in London’s borough market. In 2006, Ramsay received an Order of the British Empire awarded by Queen Elizabeth II for services to the culinary industry. He has been in many hit TV shows aired in over 200 countries worldwide such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef US and Hotel Hell. Gordon Ramsay is also an author and many of his books have become bestsellers all over the world. His most notable book is his autobiography titled Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen.

3. Nigella Lawson

Of course, a celebrity chef list will not be complete without the kitchen goddess, Nigella Lawson. Nigella is one of United Kingdom’s most influential food writers. But her fame and influence is not only exclusive to the UK. Nigella is well-loved all across the globe. She is a best-selling author for several books earning millions from sales. Her book How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking earned her an Author of the Year award from British Book Awards. Nigella also has numerous hit TV shows aired in many parts of the world. And both men and women simply can’t get enough of this sensuous icon.


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