3 Easy to Pull Spring Hairstyles

Beautiful flowers lining up to greet you and a sweet melody from the chirping of birds. The world is painted with lovely colors and the weather is lovelier. Aahhh. Spring time! The spring season brings this refreshing feeling. And it is the best time to start refreshing our looks. Time to start wearing a new hairstyle! We gathered fun and flirty spring hairstyles for you to try out!

The great thing about these hairstyles is that you can town each down for a casual affair and tone it up for a formal one. Since the spring season is also wedding season, these hairstyles are just perfect. Whether you are the bride, the maid of honor, one of the bride’s maids or just a wedding guest, any of these spring hairstyles will be perfect!

3 Easy to Pull Spring Hairstyles

1. Style Your Hair with Flowers

Flowers are everywhere. So why not use some for styling your hair? Depending on the occasion, you can put a fun spin on this style or tone it down to achieve a more delicate look. You can use real flowers or if you want the type that won’t wilt away, you can use handcrafted flowers which you can easily buy from a crafts store. Secure the flowers on your hair by using just a tiny bit of hot glue to attach them to the tiny duck bill clips or bobby pins. By just using flowers, you can pull off a hairstyle matching the lovely spring season.

2. Wear a Headband

Spring and headbands go hand in hand. Headbands are very easy to find and it’s easy to make one too if you love adding a personal touch. You can find head bands with blings or you can choose to accessorize yours to match your emotions for the day. This simple hair accessory is an eye-catcher. And with the sun glistening on your headband, you can be the spring maiden incarnate!

3. Braids

Braids, they never go out of style. Many people still love wearing braids. The best thing about this spring hairstyle is that you won’t have to spend a cent to wear it. You can try different braid styles but one of the more interesting ones is the double headband that starts on the hairline then goes in opposite directions. This is not only one of the cutest spring hairstyles ever but it’s also functional on windy days, keeping the hair away from your face when the wind goes huffing and puffing.

Try any of these fun and lovely spring hairstyles! Do you have other easy to pull off hairstyle ideas that match the spring season? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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