3 Summer Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

This summer season many of us would be hitting the beaches. Such is not a surprise. In fact you would be seeing a sea of people enjoying the summer season on sandy beaches. The cool waters and the cool breeze are just too irresistible during the hot days of summer.

However one should be mindful of the health of their skin during summertime. Since most of the summer days are spent outdoors the skin will be receiving a higher dose of battering from the elements. The sun’s UV rays, the heat, dry wind, chlorine and sea salts are the elements that would damage the skin.

Follow these tips on how to care for the skin during the summer season.

Looking After the Skin in the Summertime

  1. Apply sunscreen daily and have the sunscreen lotion handy wherever you go! Protecting the skin from harsh UV rays should be sitting on top of your skin care regimen. The UV rays can do the most damage to the skin as it goes deep through the skin to destroy both DNA and collagen. When this happens you can expect wrinkles, age spots and blemishes to start showing on your skin. You should be serious about applying sunscreen lotion as UV rays can cause skin cancer.Remember to use a sunscreen lotion with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor of at least 15 and lather the lotion on to your skin 15 minutes before going out the door. And do not even think about just putting on sunscreen lotion when you are going to the beach. The rule is every time you would be leaving the house lather on sunscreen lotion. Keep the sunscreen lotion handy as you would need to reapply after heavy perspiring or swimming.
  2. Get a great skin moisturiser and moisturise the skin daily! The summer season is when many suffer from dry, flaky and cracked skin. This is because many are outdoors enjoying the sun or swimming in the sea or chlorinated pools. The sun, wind, chlorine and sea salts rob the skin of its essential oils which leave the skin very dry.You should use Argan oil as your moisturiser. The Argan oil adds moisture to the skin and locks in moisture because of its Sterols. It is also packed in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Prostaglandins which keep the skin healthy. Its Ferulic acid fights skin aging by protecting the skin from the harsh effects of UV rays and its Carotenoids keep the skin young by preventing free radicals from harming the skin.
  3. Avoid basking in the sun when the sun’s UV rays are at its strongest and also ditch the tanning bed habit. If you want to achieve a bronze tan opt for a body spray or bronzer. The UV rays from both the sun and tanning beds will only damage your skin and worse give you skin cancer.

These are 3 of the most important summer skin care tips that you should follow religiously if you want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful!

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