30-Second or Less Beauty Tricks

Woke up early and you’re all set to greet the world hello and head to work? Your hair, make-up and outfit are perfect. But since you have a few more minutes to spare, how about doing one or a couple of these beauty tricks to amp your look?

30-Second or Less Beauty Tricks

1. The Flawless Finish

Grab a tissue and gently give your entire face a wipe to get rid of excess powder. Many will be a bit hesitant to give this beauty trick a try since they don’t want to ruin their make-up. But this trick works wonders. Just lightly wipe your entire face with any kind of tissue and pay extra attention to your hairline, nose, and jawline to get rid of excess powder or product that you may not even be aware is there. Remember to wipe and not blot.

2. Get that Fake Dewy Glow

Grab your face lotion and put just a tiny dot on your fingertips. Slick the lotion upwards starting from your cheekbones moving towards the outer edge of your eye. This beauty trick makes your skin look moisturized and dewy fresh.

3. Freshen Up your Bar-Smelling Hair

Did you go out last night and your hair still smells like that of a casino? Your hair may still look fine after the bar fun you had last night but how does it smell? Stinky? Don’t you worry. In just ten seconds you can mask the stink with the help of a good-smelling dryer sheet. Simply rub it over your hair and voila. Not only does it pull out the stink, it fights static too. This beauty trick is a miracle worker.

4. Give Your Brows an Instant Lift

Using your highlighter pencil, draw a line directly over the top line of your brows then blend it until you almost do not see the highlighter. The result is a more awake look and your arches look a little bit lifted.

5. Give Your Locks Some Fragrance

Did you know that the hair locks in scent better than the skin does? If you’ve ever camped out, you probably noticed that you still smell like the bonfire even after you washed and soaped your body. That is because your hair holds onto scents. Make this fact work in your favor by lightly misting the top of your hair with your favorite perfume. The scent can last you the entire day without you needing to spray on perfume again.

Try out these last-minute beauty tricks and let us know about your results!

Do you have other beauty tricks to share? We would love to hear from you so feel free to drop in  a comment!

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