4 Major Diet Mistakes That Help Age You

Diets are supposed to make you leaner, feel younger, and look better. There is however several diet mistakes that do the opposite. Not only will you feel terrible during these diet stages but you will also become “older” in many ways. Without the proper knowledge and the guidance of a nutritionist, you might be at risk of helping yourself age through your diets. So read on and find out about these major diet mistakes!

FIRST DIET MISTAKE: Avoiding ALL Animal Protein

When you avoid all types of animal protein your body will lack a very important energy source. Animal protein is rich in vitamin B12 that is essential for energy and greatly needed by the body. Derived only from foods that come from animal products, vitamin B12 helps to maintain a healthy brain and nervous system. Not only this, vitamin 12 will help make you more energetic. Fatigue for example is one of the classic signs of vitamin B12 deficiency. In order to get the ample amount of this vitamin in your diet, you may want to have fat-free milk, nonfat yogurt, a small amount of lean protein each day. Nonfat dairy products with fish, clams, mussels, oysters, lean beef, lean pork, or lean chicken will help you get vitamin B12 in your body during your diets.

SECOND DIET MISTAKE: Avoiding Important Supplements

Manganese and copper are 2 supplements you should still have in your diet as these help prevent joint pains. You see, both manganese and copper are essential for having healthy joint cartilages and for flexibility. Although foods like nuts and spinach are good sources of manganese and copper, you will not be able to eat enough that is why supplementation is necessary. Ask your doctor about this. It is usually advised to take 2mg of copper and 5mg of manganese everyday to have less painful joints.

THIRD DIET MISTAKE: Avoiding Necessary Fish and Fat

Fish and healthy natural oils such as argan oil are the best sources of essential fatty acids that help prevent memory loss. Fatty acids are wonderful brain building blocks that help the brain function well. Argan oil is one of your best sources of essential fatty acids. A natural oil that is taken from the nuts of the argan trees of Morocco, this oil carries one of the largest amounts of fatty acids among all natural oils. A tasty oil that not just adds flavor but also enhances brain function, argan oil is truly a wonder oil.

FOURTH DIET MISTAKE: Favoring Packaged Foods over Whole

Foods that are packaged are usually high in sodium that helps to increase blood pressure. On the other hand, whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium that helps to lower blood pressure. So avoid boxed and processed foods to help make you stay young while having a diet. Stick with natural foods that will not only make you leaner but will also help keep you looking and feeling young.

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