5 Benefits of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay


Moroccan Rhassoul clay, comes from the base of the Atlas mountains in eastern Morocco.

This clay has been used for more than a millennium.

It is known as a natural cleanser and moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types.

1. For a Younger Looking and Healthier Skin

Moroccan rhassoul clay increases circulation.

Skin looks and feels healthier when blood flow is increased.

Simply create a mud mask by adding a small amount of water to the clay. Apply to skin and wash away.

Adding argan oil to the mixture creates an even more beneficial mask.

Skin will not just look healthier, but it will also more evenly retain moisture.

2. Healing and Non-Irritating

The natural healing properties of Moroccan rhassoul clay ensure that even the most sensitive skin can benefit from this gentle cleanser.

In addition, the clay can be used to clean wounds, burns, and bruises.

The rhassoul clay encourages skin cell growth, making it excellent for treating scars and stretch marks.

3. An Unlimited Shelf-Life

How many time shave you purchased a cleanser or mask only to have it expire before you get through the entire product?

With Moroccan rhassoul clay, you never have to worry about tossing out unused product.

The clay can last forever, though it is unlikely that this will be an issue.

Proper Washing Of Your Hair Is Important

4. Replace Your Shampoo with Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoula clay is an excellent skin cleanser. That applies to the skin on the scalp as well.

You can replace your chemically-laced shampoo with Moroccan rhassoul clay for a clean and clear experience.

There may be an issue with dryness when using the clay on your hair, therefore it is wise to add a moisture-enhancing oil to the clay.

Argan oil is the best choice for treating dry scalp.

Simply massage into the scalp and rinse with warm water or apple cider vinegar.

5. Might Help Stop Foot Odor

A mask of Moroccan lava clay applied to feet twice each week may be all it takes to rid yourself of embarrassing foot odor.

Foot odor is caused by bacteria and fungus that feeds off of sweat that accumulates on feet.

This clay targets bacteria and fungus on feet. It also heals sores and calms aching feet.

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