5 Easy and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Who doesn’t hate acne? A skin problem that often causes inflamed red lesions or papules, acne can become painful and irritating. Also called as pimples or zits, having acne lowers a person’s self esteem aside from causing personal embarrassment especially when acne invades the skin. A common skin disease in humans, acne is still one of the hardest skin problems to get rid of. Luckily, there are some effective methods one can try to help remove them. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate. These are simple, easy, and effective ways to get rid of acne.

5: It’s but normal to shower.

Showering not only makes you smell good, it actually helps to keep skin clean. This is the reason why showering daily is essential. Building up a sweat makes you healthier but not washing off sweat will help clog pores and this is not good for the skin. So remember, after a hard work out at the gym, a hot day in the sun, a round of basketball with the gang – cleanse your body and take a shower.

4: Get your hands off of your face.

Your hands are the highest carriers of dirt and bacteria that cause acne proliferation. This is the reason why keeping your hands from touching your skin is all too important. If you’re the type who loves to feel your face or rest your chin on your hands, start to take out that habit. Clean your hands often to avoid transferring dirt that could clog pores and potentially bring acne.

3: Face should be washed 2x a day.

The reason is simple. Washing your face once in the morning will help remove dirt gathered while you’re sleeping, and this wash refreshes your skin for the day ahead. Washing your face before you sleep takes away the dirt accumulated during the course of the day and helps to relax your skin before going to bed. Washing your face more than 2x a day will irritate skin, will make skin dry, and could potentially make the body make more natural oils that could block off pores.

2: Learn to relieve yourself from stress.

Being stressed pushes the body to release a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol makes skin produce more oils. This in return could help in clogging up your pores bringing forth acne on the skin. Learning to release tension and stress in a healthy manner will help you loosen up and become healthy. Most important, it will help lessen sebum (natural oils of the body) production and lessen acne attacks.

1: Explore argan oil

No matter what skin type one needs to moisturize the skin. Argan oil is the perfect moisturizer even for acne infected skin. Argan oil has vitamins and minerals that help calm down irritations and inflammations aside from moisturizing. An all natural product, argan oil actually makes sebum production normal in the body. Using argan oil then will not only keep skin moisturized and healthy but it will also help to reduce acne on skin.

Getting rid of acne need not be a difficult task with these simple tips. Take these tips to heart and have better and healthier skin.

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