5 Easy Ways to Permanently Avoid Acne Scars

Dealing with acne scars is like a terrible dream for many people. It’s bad enough to experience pain and discomfort for having acne during puberty but to have scars to remind you of these awful years in your life are just torture.


Although it is a relieving fact that not all outbreaks leave a lasting scar, one should also be cautious because the probability of a scar being left behind by acne is undeniably high as well. Permanent scars are left behind when tissue damage runs deep under the skin’s surface especially when an acne lesion has become infected. Other determining factors of acne scars include age, ethnicity, and heredity.


Yes acne scars may become permanent and it is imperative for one to find ways to avoid these scars or to at least minimize the possibility of scarring. Here are 5 easy ways to do it:

  1. Never Prick or Pop Pimples!
    Pricking or popping will only make matters worse. Doing these will further push down the infection on your skin that could cause permanent scarring. Not only will you push the infection deeper into the skin, you could also spread the infection to other parts of your skin. So remember, never prick, pop, or squeeze your pimples!
  2. Avoid Further Inflammation!
    When pimples experience stress they become inflamed – reddish, hot, and painful. Avoid irritating your pimples and avoid further inflammation to prevent permanent scars. You can do this by keeping away from scrubbing and from avoiding harsh solutions. Use safe and natural ingredients such as argan oil for your skin to avoid acne scars. Use argan oil daily on skin to keep acne and acne scars away.
  3. Treat Your Acne Fast!
    Especially when acne outbreaks are bad, seeking the advice of a medical professional is important. A dermatologist will analyze your acne and give recommendations on fast acting relief and medications to help clear your skin. A dermatologist will give valuable advice on treatments, management, and ways to get better outcome.
  4. Know If Your Skin is Prone to Scarring!
    The tendency to get scars from various lesions such as acne depends from person to person. Look into past wounds and think of how long your past scars heal. If you notice that scars take longer to heal then you should tell your dermatologist about this. There are certain treatments and medications that can help lessen the possibility of scarring even to people who are prone to it.
  5. Watch Out for Adverse Effects of Acne!
    Acne may become large and form into deep cysts. Extensive breakouts may also bring fever and unexplained body pain. You should watch out for these as they could mean infection and that skin tissues are being destroyed. Go directly to a doctor when you experience these.

Acne scars may be avoided. If you already have them, there are ways for you to lighten these scars. The important facts to remember are: know your skin, use natural and safe products, and to visit the dermatologist when needed.

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