5 Important Facts About Argan Oil

100% pure argan oil is gaining popularity by the day. More and more people are including argan oil in their daily beauty regimen and lifestyle. Why? Because argan oil works and it works well. To help you get a better idea of just what argan oil is and what it is for, here are 5 important facts about this widely popular and useful oil.

Argan oil comes from the seeds of the ancient and rare Argan Tree.

Using environmentally safe techniques to harvest and make this oil, argan oil has been a product of the Moroccans for many centuries. The Argan tree being a rare tree that could only be found in the southwestern part of Morocco, has been part of the World Heritage List since 1999. The people of Morocco together with its government have made ways to ensure its safety and proper treatment. The oil itself is 100% pure wherein no other chemicals or substances are added into each bottle.

Cooperative groups and Moroccan women are in charge.

It is important to note that the argan oil and its global distribution is being monitored and controlled by women cooperatives and the Moroccans themselves. Berber women (native women of Morocco) are now getting education and a stable livelihood because of the production and exportation of this oil. They now have better lives and have more opportunities because of this wonder product.

Argan oil has rich properties and components good for the body.

Extremely rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are great for the body, argan oil is best used as a culinary ingredient and as a beauty product. Known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, culinary argan oil is added to various dishes. Giving a nutty flavor and a lot of health benefits chefs around the world are clamoring to get this oil. On the beauty side, argan oil and its components make it possible to delay the aging process. It saves skin from premature wrinkles and other skin problems such as unwanted scars and pimples.

Argan oil is a great massage oil.

Because argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties and because of its soothing effects, argan oil has been known to be a great massage oil. A few drops of this oil will not only make massages feel better, it will also make skin smooth and more radiant.

Argan oil is excellent for the skin, hair, and nails.

Also because of the rich components of argan oil, using it daily for your hair, skin, and nails would give out wonderful results. The skin would look younger, become smooth, and blooming. The hair would become moisturized, silky smooth, and shiny. The nails on the other hand would become stronger, clear, and healthier. All you need are a few drops of the oil and you’ll quickly see the difference.
Argan oil is well known and becoming even more popular by the day because it is a good and natural product that not only helps the buyers but the producers as well.

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