5 Important Summer Skin Care Tips

Wearing A Hat Can Help You Repel The Summer Heat

It’s summer! Knowledgeable as you may be about how dangerous the UV rays of the sun are to your skin, it is still very tempting to stay under the sun. Despite the many warnings and skin damage experiences, some still decide on getting a sun-kissed, tanned (hopefully unburned) look. Well it’s not just being sunburned that you have to worry about this summer. Too much exposure to the sun may also lead to heat rashes, dry skin, and photodamage. More alarmingly, longer exposures to the sun may lead to even more alarming problems like skin cancer.

Don’t worry. You can still enjoy summer. Here are easy ways on how you can look and feel good under the sun while still protecting your skin.


Obviously you have to have some kind of protection. Among the most important ones are: a hat, an umbrella, sunglasses, and if you don’t plan to get a tan, a long-sleeved cotton shirt would be appropriate. A hat, an umbrella, and a pair of sunglasses will help protect your ears, neck, and eyes.


Staying indoors during 10am-3pm is always a good idea. This period in the day is when the sun’s rays are the strongest meaning your skin is most in danger from the sun during these times. Staying under trees, a building structure, and umbrellas will do your skin some good for sure.


Sunscreens that at least have an SPF of 30 will be most helpful to protect your skin. Always slather your skin with a healthy amount sunscreen before leaving your home and before stepping out into the sun. For added protection, a few drops of argan oil is the best moisturizer for your skin. Whether it be summer or winter, argan oil covers your skin with nutrients and much needed moisture. Rich in vitamin E, oleic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants, argan oil will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized regardless of the season. Application of a few drops during the day and during the night will be more than enough to keep skin smooth and supple.


Yes both have the same effects on your skin. If you’re looking for a safe way to get that tan look without damaging your skin, the tanning salon is NOT the answer. Simply put, tanning beds also use harmful UV light to make your skin darker in color. And although it is not the actual sun that is doing it, the effects are pretty much the same. Don’t do it.


Are scars getting in the way of your summer look? Remove scars safely using natural ingredients like argan oil, honey, or lime juice to make that summer look complete.
Summer is here and if you would want to get all the great stuff while keeping your skin healthy and happy, follow these simple yet worthwhile summer skin care tips!

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