5 Nail Essentials for Your Mani-Pedi Kit!

Manicure-pedicure kits are not created equal.There are kits used by regular people like us and there are kits used by top celebrity nail experts. Which would you rather have?

I’m sure that just like me, you’d rather trade in your trusty kits at home just for a chance to have nails just like Angelina Jolie’s.
Well, today is your lucky day. You don’t have to go on a paparazzi mode to snatch your celebrity’s nail secrets. Here are the 5 essentials that their manicurists say should be in anyone’s nail kit.

Cuticle Oil
This is the most uncommon nail essential in most women’s nail kits. Celebrity experts, however say that if they’ll only have two items in their kits, this will definitely be one of them. They explain that cuticle oil is important to nourish and heal nails. Any great polish, they insist, will not look good if applied on nails with unhealthy and damaged cuticles. One of the most talked about oil today is the Moroccan Argan oil. While not intended specifically for cuticles, this miracle oil from Morocco does wonders to your cuticles, your nails, skin and hair. Argan oil has anti-aging properties as well. This means that moisturizing with this liquid gold regularly will not only moisturise the cuticles and strengthen the nails, it will fight off hand wrinkles as well.

Glass Nail File
Most experts prefer glass nail files as these are easy to clean and could last a lifetime if handled properly. To use, gently buff out nail ridges using one side and shine nails using the other.

Nail Polish
If cuticle oil is not commonly found in most mani and pedi kits, nail polish is the exact opposite. Most if not all nail kits actually have the nail polish as its main star. However, the difference between our nail polishes and that of celebrities’ is that theirs may be of higher quality. You don’t have to break a bank to have great polishes. Just stay on the lookout for cheap but quality celebrity recommendations on the web. You should also be watchful of the ingredients of the polish you use. They might just be filled with chemicals that can ruin your nails and even cause ill effects to your body. Watch out for the toxic trio!

Base Coat
Your nail polish can’t do it alone. While polishes aim to hide nail imperfections, polishes will do better if partnered with a great base coat. Even if you have unhealthy, ridged nails, base coat will make your nails look even and ready for polish.

Top Coat
While mattes have recently been hailed trendy, experts say that they still love the sophisticated look of glossed nails. Some even admitted to layering on lots of shine for an added star quality boost.

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