5 Ways to Preserve Blowouts Even After Exercising!

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I’ve long given up on my dream of looking good on trainings. Whenever I go on sports mode, I’ve learned to accept my not-so-endearing look. I try my best to still look cute through my choice of attire on the field but it just isn’t the same with my hair up. What’s worse…on training days…I sometimes refuse to make an effort to style my hair all together. What’s the point, right? I’m just going to ruin it anyway.

Celebrity hair stylists though say there is a way to preserve a blowout even after an intense workout. Here are 5 things you could try out so you don’t have to dread your look on the gym, on the court or on the field!

Moisturise Before a Blowout

The key to a great blowout is a healthy hair. So you won’t have to sport an oily (but moisturized) do, make sure to treat your hair days before the blowout. Some may be skipping treatments altogether just to prevent their hair from becoming sticky. However, if your hair gets blowouts often, moisturizing your mane is a must to revitalize the locks that may have been damaged from styling. One great product that you should try out is Argan oil. What’s amazing with Argan oil is that it moisturizes your hair without leaving it feeling greasy after.

Be In. Use Dry Shampoo

Yes, this is the in thing for quite some time now. The reason — a few spritzes give you an excuse not to wash your hair for another day, allowing you to preserve your blowout longer. Use this before going to your workout, the powder from the dry shampoo absorbs the sweat and oil that you’ll definitely be releasing after an intense routine. Give your hair a few spritzes after workout as well in case the first round wasn’t enough to absorb all that sweat.

No to Ponytails

Ponytails are, without a doubt, blowout busters! If you want to preserve your bouncy hair longer, never put it up in a ponytail to prevent visible line marks on your hair. Instead, flip your hair upside down and divide it in the middle into two sections. Twist the sections around each other then roll them into a bun away from your sweaty neck. Unlike ponytails, this style let’s sweat evaporate through your hair instead of trapping it.

Use Headbands

Another trick to minimize sweat all throughout your hair is wearing sweat-absorbent headband. Since it goes around your head and nape, it prevents your hair from getting soaked in sweat from both body parts.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

I admit that I’m guilty of this. It’s the only way to keep your hair in “blowout” place, right? Wrong. Experts say the more you touch your hair during a workout, the more grease gets into your hair. And you know what grease does to blowouts…so please, hands off!

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