6 Beautiful Skin Essentials for Busy Moms on the Go

Being a mom and a busy one at that doesn’t mean you will neglect yourself and stop your beauty regimen. But staying beautiful all the time can prove to be a challenge especially when you have small children. Taking care of children is a round-the-clock job and between trips to the dentist, car pool and soccer practice, you are left with very little time to pamper and beautify yourself, let alone follow a skin care regimen.

Don’t be too sad and lose all hope as you can do something! Here are some beauty essentials that you busy moms should always have with you wherever you go so that you can take care of yourself and stay beautiful all the time.

  • Moisturizer and beauty products with sunscreen- The sun can be your greatest enemy with its harmful UV rays egging the free radicals to excessive activity inside your body. Sunscreen is a must and when you don’t have too much time on your hands, you should choose beauty products with sunscreen to protect yourself. Spur of the moment activities or an emergency call from your child will have you reaching for the car keys even before you have put the phone down. This way, you are always ready to go without sacrificing your skin’s health.
  • All-purpose balm- Have this in your purse all the time. Kids find their way into the tightest of places and soon, you will find yourself chasing after them. Choose a mild balm that is good for insect bites and minor rashes thus preventing you from scratching that can lead to infection and scar.
  • Moist towels- They are very useful for quick cleanups. Keep a pack in your car and another in your purse for those emergencies that crop up too often like ice cream and ketchup. Get an unscented pack that you can use for anything even for your children’s emergencies.
  • Hand cream or lotion- These skin care products shouldn’t be too far away from you wherever you go. Skin care can be done anywhere and everywhere. Frequent hand washing can lead to very dry and possibly irritated skin. It is imperative that you lather on hand lotion or cream after washing.
  • Water- Keeping hydrated is essential to your overall health and to your skin’s health. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. And don’t forget to bring a bottle with you when going out so you don’t get tempted to grab a can of soda or drink sugary juices when you feel thirsty.
  • Argan oil- Many call this oil the liquid gold from Morocco. A must have oil for every woman. Argan oil is naturally packed with essential fatty acids that help keep your skin moisturized and radiant. This oil is also rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants that helps fight agents of premature aging called the free radicals. Massage this oil to your skin and on your hair and scalp to have completely moisturized and nourished skin and hair.

You may not have plenty of time to strictly follow a skin care regimen but now you know that you can have the ammunition to stay beautiful all the time. Have these 6 beauty essentials with you wherever you go and be beautiful all the time.

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