6 Hot New Super Foods

If You Are Looking For Great Foods Choose Superfoods

Both young and older generations are now getting more conscious about the food they eat. A lot are switching to organic and really taking notice of what they consume. This is a good change from what was being done a few years back. With different diseases brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and obesity, it is about time that every generation takes charge. A generation’s health depends greatly on the food it eats. So join the bandwagon and be healthier.

Here are 6 hot and new super foods that will surely change the way you look, feel, and live.

  1. TEFF – teff is an ancient grain that comes from Africa. It has twice the amount of iron found in other grains and three times the calcium. This unique whole grain has a sweet and molasses-like flavor. It is also versatile as it is popularly made into different dishes like teff polenta. It can also be made into a spongy Ethiopian flatbread and may even be a substitute for oatmeal.
  2. SKYR – technically a soft cheese, skyr is popularly known as an Icelandic yogurt. Both its texture and nutrients are closely similar to that of Greek yogurt, skyr is even made of the same basic ingredients – skim milk and live active cultures. Why is skyr a super food? Because it is non-fat and because it has more protein than ordinary yogurt and Greek yogurt.
  3. BLACK GARLIC – never heard of it? Black garlic is ordinary garlic that has been fermented in high heat and aged for a month. After this one month process your ordinary garlic becomes darker in color, gains a softer texture, and develops a sweeter taste. Not only these, but black garlic actually gains twice as much antioxidants as ordinary raw garlic. It’s soft enough to directly spread on bread or crackers.
  4. ARGAN OIL – yes oil can be healthy. An oil that comes from Morocco, argan oil is famous for its vitamin E. It has four times more vitamin E than olive oil. Good for the skin, hair, nails, and body functions – argan oil is better known as the “liquid gold” of Morocco. Argan oil not only has health benefits but it also has anti-aging benefits. Reduces not just cholesterol and fat but wrinkles and lines as well.
  5. CAPUACU – a nutrition filled fruit that is closely related to cacao. This fruit grows in the Amazons and is known to be packed with antioxidants. It has a creamy flesh and a distinct flavor – tasting like a pear mixed with banana.
  6. CHIA SEEDS – rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and the brain, these seeds are well known keeping blood pressure low. Chia seeds are also best for solving inflammation problems that cause premature aging and different types of diseases.

These are 6 excellent super foods that will surely help you to keep your body young and healthy. It is always good to be conscious about the food you eat so eat right and stay fit!