6 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Getting A Beautiful Skin Just Requires You To Love Healthy Lifestyle

Everyday your skin gets a battering from the sun’s rays, dust, dirt and pollutants. If you want to have a beautiful skin you need to have a daily caring routine for it. When you give your skin its daily dose of tender loving care you are allowing your skin to repair and replenish. You would definitely wake up to a more beautiful skin with proper skin caring regimen.

If your skin is not looking too healthy and not that soft or smooth then follow these skin care tips!

  1. Get rid of negative vibes. Relieve your mind from negativity. Stress actually decreases your collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin’s elasticity and soft texture. Ever noticed how people dealing with a lot of stress develop lots of wrinkles? If you don’t want wrinkles to start showing on your skin do not let stress and negativity rule your day. Stress is a part of living but with simple activities you can get rid of stress. If you feel stressed out on your work, stop for a few minutes and maybe sing or have a quick chat with your colleagues or friends.
  2. Wash your face daily. You need to wash your face twice a day. Once before going to bed and once when you wake up. Washing your face before sleeping in gets rid of the dirt, dust, pollutants and excess oil clogging your pores. When you sleep the skin still produce oil and you need to wash the excess oil once you wake up.
  3. Apply moisturiser to your skin. Your skin needs moisturising to retain its soft and smooth texture. The best moisturiser to use is Argan oil. Argan oil contains components that are very good for the skin. Not only does it moisturise the skin it also helps in preventing skin aging. This oil is rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids, Sterols, Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Ferulic acid and Prostaglandins. All of these ingredients are good for the skin.
  4. Get enough sleep. Don’t deprive your body of sleep. Our body needs to rest in order to repair and be rejuvenated. The same is true with our body’s largest organ. Skin cells repair and replenish when you sleep thus if you cut down your hours of sleep to a minimum you are depriving your skin to repair itself.
  5. Cut out your bad habits. Smoking actually is bad for the skin. It robs the blood vessels on the surface of the skin oxygen and also reduces collagen production. You will notice that smokers usually have fine lines around their mouths and around the eyes. If you smoke start cutting down on the number of sticks you light up per day until you can quit.
  6. Include exercise in your priorities. You should work out your body to make it healthier. The skin also benefits when you work out. Toxins are removed when you sweat out. Exercise also helps combat acne. If you start on gaining weight, the fats on your body will start finding a way out and would usually pop out as pimples.

When you are having skin care problems follow these tips and wake up to a healthy skin.

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