7 Hot “Braids” Hairstyles for Spring

The flowers are in bloom. Spring time is here once again! Time for new hairstyles! Braids are a hit this spring 2014! Here are 7 braids to start out your spring hair fling!

7 “Braids” Hairstyles for the Spring

1. The Crowning Glory Braid
Instead of a headband, do a chunky braid instead with a half-up, half-down hairstyle!

2. Girl on Fire
We all loved Katniss, the girl on fire! The classic braid-and-low-bun combo that Jennifer Lawrence wore may not be as elaborate as the braids her character Katniss wore in the movie “The Hunger Games” but there is no denying that it is just as beautiful. Plus this braid style perfectly stands against spring showers!

3. Bring the Bling On!

Minka Kelly, the sexy angel in the TV series Charlie’s Angels added a sparkling necklace-turned hairpiece bling on her romantic braids and it definitely popped out! You can easily steal this look! Simply pin your braid with any of your jewelry that’s broken or missing a match!

4. Trendy Top Knot
The “Bubbly” singer, songwriter gave top knots a new life, putting it back on trend with a reverse braid that seems to be snaking up the back of her head and winding into a messy bun that is set high on her head! Hats off to you Colbie Caillat for making us “Realize” that top knots can still be trendy!

5. Hippie Braids are Back
Hippie braids may be a thing of the past no more. At the Rodarte F?W 2014 runway, hippie braids were rolling but this time they were styled with a messy rosette! Now that’s taking a classic style to the next level! If you have thick, wavy hair and you have a problem keeping your locks off your face, this half-up, half-down hippie braids with a messy rosette hairstyle is ideal!

6. Goddess!
Messy unkempt braids have been dominating the hairstyle scene for so long. But Jada Pinkett Smith showed that sleek goddess braids are just divine! To get the goddess braids look, make sure that you dampen your locks first with an anti-frizz hair care or hair styling product!

7. The Mohawk Braid
Love the punk rock style? You’ll love the Mohawk Braid! This is a fun and playful approach to the iconic punk rock hairstyle, the Mohawk. The Mohawk Braid is a messy reverse braid that starts from the nape of the neck to the top of the head. If you want to don this hairstyle be sure to have a strong hold hairspray and lots and lots of bobby pins!

Argan Oil and Proper Hair Care

No matter which hairstyle you choose, the first step to keeping your locks beautiful is to care for it properly! Include the Argan oil in your hair care kit. The oil helps keep the hair smooth and silky thanks to its Vitamin E, sterols and essential fatty acids. Use the Argan oil as a shower conditioner, leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioner!

So which of the braids hairstyles we listed will you be wearing this spring? Let us know!

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