7 So-Called Healthy Foods that Are Actually Unhealthy

You hear more and more dermatologists underscoring the importance of healthy food for a great skin. Amid a barrage of anti-aging products in the market, more doctors are keeping it simple, saying that everything that your skin needs can be found in food.

This explains why many beauty-conscious women are becoming more and more health-conscious as well. Some are fortunate to have faster metabolism than others but even the skinny ones are opting for the healthy route as well.

But experts advise everyone to be wary of some so-called healthy foods. They explain some just claim that they’re healthier options but really they’re not.

Gluten-Free Foods
Gluten-free does not mean healthy. It only means a food item has no gluten and is safe for those allergic to it. Nutritionists clarify that gluten-free foods are actually loaded with sugar and starch with almost zero nutrients.

Bottled Tea
Tea has been all the rave lately for a good reason. Tea is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that help the body fight off free radicals. However, the word tea stamped on a juice bottle does not make it automatically healthy. Bottled teas are actually just uncarbonated soda.

To-Go Salads
While they are greens and healthy looking, to-go salads aren’t as healthy as they seem. Dressings in these to-go salads are often filled with sugar negating any health benefit from the salad.

Multi-grain is different from whole grain. Opt for the latter since this contains unrefined ingredients. The problem with products that undergo refining is that they no longer contain the nutrients that they onced promised consumers.

Fruit Smoothies and Juices
Shocking, I know! I was as suprised as you. These drinks maybe fruit-based but they are still loaded with sugar. Doctors advise that you eat real fruits instead so you could enjoy its benefits without fear of consuming more sugar.

Vegan Cookies
They sound healthy but again, they’re still cookies. (Don’t shoot me! I’m just a messenger)

Baked Chips
While baked chips really are healthier than their fried counterparts, the downside is that eating these type of chips might make you want to eat more. The oil from fried chips make you feel full faster. Since you won’t feel the same with baked chips, you might not notice that you’ve been munching on too much already.

Is There Anything Healthy At All?
Of course! The key is really making time to prepare your meal…not opting for the so-called healthy short cut. It does not have to be an inconvenient experience so long as you make it a habit to stock up on healthy food items. It’s also great to keep healthy oils in your cupboards like Moroccan Argan oil. Just drizzle Argan oil on any meal just before serving and immediately, you’ve given your dish a healthy kick. A simple step yet the benefits are unparalled.

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