8 Hair Must Haves

In Order To Maintain A Healthy Hair, You Must Understand How To Properly Care For It

I hate accompanying my sister to hair salons. First, she never likes her haircut. Second, she cries after.

She would then rant and rant about how her hairstyle does not look like the photo she showed her stylist. She doesn’t even want it blow dried. She tells the poor stylist that she never blowdries her hair anyway so why waste time trying to make the style look good now. What my sister doesn’t understand is that the hair of the lady in the photo is definitely, not an out-of-bed kind of hair. It takes styling and a lot of hair products to make that do look great.

In case you want to take control instead of mope like my sister, here are the top hair products every woman should have at her disposal for that picture-perfect look.

Shampoo and conditioner
Seems like a no brainer, right? But guess what? It’s not just having shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom. It’s having the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. This seems like an endless quest for some women. But you shouldn’t give up. There is a kind that is just right for you. You just have to try those that will suit your hair type. Just like our quest for the perfect guy, never settle!

Moroccan Argan Oil
Some think oil is only for those with coarse and dry hair but this is not true. Even those with fine hair should not skip regular treatments of oil for a shinier, more polished look. If you don’t want your hair feeling greasy, go for products like Argan oil. Hailed as the miracle oil from Morocco, Argan oil will leave your hair nourished and shiny without the greasy, sticky feeling.

Leave-in conditioner
Hair experts agree that putting on leave-in conditioner after shampoo and conditioner is not an unnecessary step as most women believe. They insist leave-in conditioners help prepare the hair for styling and a load of other hair products required to preserve your do.

Salon quality blow dryer
If you want a salon quality blowout, then you need a salon quality blowdryer. While most may be expensive, hair experts agree that this tool is worth investing in.

1-inch flat iron
I bring this baby all the time even if it seems impractical to do so. It can transform a limp hair to a voluminous, uber straight or wavy one. Name it, this gadget can do anything (for me at least! I’m biased that way!).

Heat protectant spray
If you’re like me who just can’t survive without a blowout and an ironed do, a heat protectant spray is a must. If you want your hair to look great, it has to be healthy so protecting your hair against damage is very important.

Dry shampoo
This is another must especially if you don’t wash your hair daily. It helps preserve your blowout and absorb grease and dirt.

Hair spray
Another way to preserve your do longer is to give your hair a few spritzes of hair spray. This product is a staple in every stylist’s hair kit.