9 Foods That Aid in Healthy Weight Loss

You may think that you have been eating the right foods to get rid of excess weight but instead you feel that you are not anywhere near your target weight at all. There are many healthy foods but not all can help you lose weight. In fact, some of them may actually be helping you gain weight instead.

So how can you really lose weight and remain healthy at the same time? Read on for the top 9 foods that can help you lose weight, the healthy way.

  1. Apples – Keep weight gain far at bay with apples. Not only do apples keep the doctor away, they can also keep fat off your belly. Munch on an apple for your in-between meal snack and consume fewer calories during dinner time. Apples pack a hefty weight of fiber that fills you up sooner and longer. Apples are also high in antioxidants that can help increase your metabolic rate.
  2. Almonds – Almonds can keep your blood sugar level steady, minus the surges that can lead to feeling hungry and over-eating. When sugar levels increase, they fall lower. This decrease prompts your body to make insulin, a substance that can increase abdominal fat. In addition, almonds contain unsaturated fats that will not add up the pounds.
  3. Eggs – Skip the pancakes and indulge yourself with two eggs for breakfast. According to studies, eggs can stave off your hunger during the day by making you feel full for a longer time. Prevent snacking in between meals by including eggs in your regular diet.
  4. Yogurt – Calcium is known to block the absorption of fat in the small intestines. And this creamy-tangy snack is loaded with calcium. Have yogurt with lunch and keep those fats off you.
  5. Mushrooms – Replace meat with mushrooms in your dishes and cut a whopping 400 calories out of your meal at once. Mushrooms are just as tasty and filling as meat without the saturated fats.
  6. Whole grains – Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, quinoa and whole grain cereal as known as belly-busters. Steer away from refined grains. Eat more whole grains as they pack more fiber that aids in digestion. Whole grains make you feel fuller longer and will make you less prone to over-eating.
  7. Cinnamon – This spice is nothing but nice all throughout. Use cinnamon to bring out the natural sweetness of food instead of adding the calorie-high sugar. Cinnamon is also believed to control blood sugar level and trigger your body to burn fat rather than store it.
  8. Coffee – The caffeine in coffee raises your metabolic rate by as much as 15% for up to four hours. Studies show that those who drink at least a cup of coffee a day has a reduced risk for type-2 diabetes. This is because of the substance called chlorogenic acid which may prevent insulin resistance that leads to diabetes and obesity.
  9. ChiliesSpice up your dishes with chilies and your metabolism will also spike. Chilies contain a compound called capsaicin which has a thermogenic effect. Chilies cause your body to burn extra calories long after finishing your meal.

Lose your excess weight the healthy way!

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