9 Trendy Nail Colors for Spring 2014

Whenever a new season turns, new trends come up. The spring season breathes color to the world so let us take a look at the hottest trends in nail shades for spring. So for those who love wearing manicure and pedicure, check out the hottest color to wear this season.

Manicure Trends: Hottest Nail Shades for Spring

1. Key Lime
One of the emerging trends in nail shades this spring is key lime. If you love the dessert key lime then you’ll probably love wearing a manicure in this color. This shade of green is mellow, and frothy. And just like the dessert, it’s not too cloying as well.

2. Orange Sherbert
This spring season, warm up your skin tone with a creamy peach manicure.

3. Sunlight in a Bottle (Shimmery Yellow)
Those who love the beach would most definitely love seeing their nails in this color. The shimmery yellow shade will remind you of that twinkly dance the sunlight does on the ocean.

4. Plum
If you are not a fan of the Easter egg shades then you would love this color. The rich and juicy purple shade is so lovely.

5. Soft Blue
If you love soft colors then you would love the Robin’s Egg Blue shade. It’s a soft blue with a gentle touch of gray.

6. Royal Blue
Here’s another manicure or pedicure shade for those who love the color blue. The bright blue shade will go great with just about anything. Give your nails a shade of royalty.

7. Aqua Shimmer
In love with the colors of the ocean? If you love the beach then the aqua shimmer shade with its glimmering blue green beauty will mesmerize you.

8. Hot Red
Of course, the hot red color never goes out of style no matter what the season may be. Just looking at this bright apple shade of red makes you all feel giddy and excited as it seems to be promising fiery days ahead.

9. Fuchsia
If you are the girly type, then you could never say no to this shade of girly pink.

Manicure and Pedicure Trends: Proper Nail Care

If you want to keep wearing beautiful manicure and pedicure then you should practice proper nail care.

How to Care for Your Nails

Do you know how to care for your nails properly? Here are a few tips on proper nail care.

1. Keep them clean and trimmed.
2. Don’t bite your nails and don’t use your nails as a tool for picking and opening stuff.
3. Keep your nails moisturized. Dry nails are prone to breaks, splits, and cracks. An excellent nail and cuticle moisturizer is the Argan oil.
4. Keep your nails protected from harsh chemicals and water when doing chores.
5. Don’t use nail polish removers with acetone as this can dry out your nails.

Enjoy wearing a beautiful manicure or pedicure in one of the hottest nail shades for spring!

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