A Bride’s Must Haves for the Honeymoon

Be Sure To Have A Great Honeymoon!

Now that you have finally gotten all the wedding details ironed out, what else is there to do except relax and wait for the happy day. Not quite. Your work is not yet done. Have you packed for your honeymoon yet?

If you are riding off directly after the wedding, you should have your bags packed well in advance, probably a day or two ahead. Make a checklist and tick off each item on your list as it gets packed in your bag. Here are some essentials that should go in your bag.


You have probably planned your honeymoon outfits after you have chosen your wedding gown. If you planned your itinerary, then you know what activities you have lined up and how to dress appropriately. If going on a tour, check your itinerary and take note of the planned activities. Plan your outfits. Try to mix and match to avoid bringing too many clothes. Bring a little black dress for that special evening with your beloved husband. Or maybe a little red dress.


A girl can’t have too many shoes. However, when packing for a honeymoon or any kind of vacation, bringing too many shoes is just not practical. A good pair of walking shoes is a must. You don’t want to suffer from blisters and aching feet on your honeymoon. If you are going out at night, be sure to bring a beautiful pair of heels.

Beauty Care Kit

Being married and on vacation doesn’t mean you could let up on your beauty care regimen. Here are some essentials you must include in your kit.

  • Sunscreen protection, SPF 30. Year round protection from the sun is a must, even on your honeymoon.
  • Argan oil. Use this 100% natural oil to keep frizz out of your hair, especially if you are honeymooning in a tropical island. Great for your skin, you can also use Argan oil as your nightly moisturizer.
  • Lip gloss and lip balm. Honeymoons come with plenty of kisses. A lip balm would prevent chapped lips while your lip gloss will keep your lips luscious and glossy all the time.
  • Hand lotion. Frequent hand washing can dry up your skin. Apply lotion on your hands every time you wash your hands, especially during those sightseeing outings you will be doing.
  • Facial cleansing wipes. There may be times when water and soap is not available and you need a quick clean up.
  • Hair dryer and curling/flat iron. If you use these items frequently, then you should definitely pack them.
  • Makeup. When going on a trip, less is best. Pack a few essentials that you know you can’t do without. While you should only pack a few, you wouldn’t want to compromise looking beautiful. After all, this is your honeymoon.
  • Perfume. Bring your favorite scent. Aside from looking beautiful, a bride should definitely smell good.

Plan ahead and pack your bag wisely. You don’t want to be stressed with last minute problems that might crop up just before leaving for your honeymoon. Have fun being just married.

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