There Are So Many Factors Affecting Aging, Almost Everything Around Us

A Closer Look At Extrinsic Aging

Combating aging requires you to know more about what aging is. It’s like fighting in a war. You would never go into battle without knowing who and what you are up against. So the trick to fighting aging and winning the battle against premature aging is to know more about the enemy.


As researches have shown, there actually two types of aging – Intrinsic or internal aging and extrinsic or external aging. Aging brought about by the genes one inherits is called intrinsic aging. The extrinsic type of aging on the other hand is caused by environmental factors like pollution and the sun’s rays.


Also known as the natural aging process, this type of aging process usually begins at mid-20s. The skin loses elasticity when collagen production slows down and elastin doesn’t give as much spring effect to the skin. Some of the signs of intrinsic aging are as follows:

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Thin, transparent skin
  • Noticeable loss of firmness in skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Hair loss
  • Graying hair
  • Thinning of nail plate

Intrinsic aging is a form of aging that will naturally come to everyone. Regardless of how much you take care of yourself, your hair will turn grey when you get older, your skin will surely lessen in flexibility and elasticity, and your nails will become less durable. Aging is in fact a fact of life.


Now, on the other end of the spectrum, extrinsic aging brought about by external factors is something one may take control of. As extrinsic aging causes premature aging, one should take into consideration how external factors may make aging appear faster than normal. Action should be taken to avoid extrinsic aging. Look into these:

  • The sun. If you do not put protection against the sun’s rays, your skin will suffer even from a few minutes of exposure each day. As exposure to the sun’s harmful rays over the years will show noticeable changes in the skin. Wrinkles, freckles, spider veins on face, rough leathery skin, and a blotchy complexion are just some of the effects of the sun to skin.
  • Facial expressions. Frowning often, making faces, and other repetitive facial movements lead to fine lines and wrinkles. You see, as the skin ages and lose its elasticity, instead of your skin bouncing back to its original form it maintains the grooves of your facial expressions.
  • Sleep lines. Sleeping positions such as resting your face in the same way each night for years will also lead to unwanted, premature wrinkles. People who sleep on their sides often get these lines on their cheeks.
  • Smoking. A smoker who smokes at least 10 sticks a day for 10 years will most likely have more wrinkles and leathery skin than a person who does not smoke. Big difference. Not to mention a nonsmoker will be healthier, smoking will not do any good to your skin or your whole body.


Extrinsic aging is something everyone can avoid. Staying away from the sun, avoiding repetitive facial expressions, sleeping on your back, stopping bad habits like smoking and just plain living healthily will keep premature aging away. Another way to protect the skin and the whole body from extrinsic aging is by using argan oil.

This oil comes from Morocco. It is all natural and it is rich in different components that protect the body from extrinsic aging factors. A few drops each day will keep skin wrinkle free. It will help protect the skin from pollution and will help skin retain its elasticity and flexibility.


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