A Deeper Look at Acne Facial Scars

Acne Scars Can Be Very Embarrassing

It is safe to assume that millions of people all around the world wear the marks of acne breakouts. Acne seems like a double punishment as breakouts usually occur when one reaches adolescent years and we all know how tough life can be during this stage in our lives and on top of this scars or marks that these breakouts leave behind seem to be bent on staying on your face forever to serve as a constant reminder.

Acne Scars and Its Stinging Effects

Whether we admit it or not acne scars can really leave a sting. They can crush or give our self-confidence a big blow. Hats off to you, if you have much strength and confidence in yourself that you are not negatively affected by acne scars. But to many people, acne scars are just a downer. But don’t lose hope as there are ways to get rid of acne scars.

How Acne Scars are Formed

Just like any other scars, acne scars come about because of an injury or wound. When the skin heals itself, a scar forms. If the dermis gets damaged scarring would occur. In the case of acne, scars happen because of the skin lesions that are inflamed. Did you know that there are different types of acne facial scars?

Various Types of Acne Facial Scars

Boxcar Scars – If you are wondering how this type of acne facial scar looks like, they are the wide, oval or round depressions having steep sides. Boxcar acne scars happen when the acne breakout damages the collagen which leads to the loss of tissue. The best treatment for boxcar scars are laser resurfacing, dermal fillers or punch elevation.

Ice Pick Scars – If you have the deep and narrow scars from acne then you have what is called “ice pick” scars. This type of acne scar is because of a deeper infection. Usually the punch elevation treatment is what’s used for this type of scar.

Rolling Scars – You may feel like rolling in the deep when you have this type of acne facial scar. Rolling acne scars look like waves and the treatment often used for this is subcision. This process involves removing the scar from the inner tissue which would then let blood pool under the scar which would result in to the waves having a more level or flat appearance.

Keloid – This type of scar is the bright red and raised ones. They are usually found on other parts of the body but they do appear on the face as well. The bad news about this type of scar is that they usually grow larger than the wound which caused them because of too much collagen produced as a response to the acne breakout. Laser treatment, injections and cortisone creams are often used to treat such scar.

Can Argan Oil Help Get Rid of Acne Scars?

If you want a more natural and non invasive acne scar treatment, you can give Argan oil a try. The oil is packed with a high amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin E has long been believed to promote faster wound healing, prevent scarring and minimize scars.