A Few Tweaks for a New Hair Look!

Updating your hairstyle doesn’t always have to mean spending a considerable amount of money. If you’re short on cash and can’t afford a fancy haircut, there are ways to get a new look just by changing up a few details in your style. Fortunately, shaking up just a few things could make a whole lot of difference.

Braid ‘Em Up
You can try putting your hair in braids or plaits that are reminiscent of a flower child’s hair. Braids often lend a softer, more womanly look to an ordinary hairstyle. Play around with braids by creating two that hang loose around your face, and then framing your hair with it in a half-ponytail for a look that’s both clean and trendy.

Go for Fringe
You can also experiment with bangs. One of the good things about them is that they never seem to go out of style, and with a little care and proper technique you can create your own bangs, too.

Be Brave to Wear Daring Hairstyles
If you’re feeling a bit daring with your hair, try a style that’s a cross between long, flowy tresses and a pixie bob. You can control just how short you want to go and how much of your original curls you’d like to retain. However, you could also commit to long, retro waves instead. Sweep your hair to the side for a classic 50’s look. On the other hand, if you’d like to, go for a temporary bob by setting your hair with rollers and helping it stay in place with bobby pins.

Consider sporting an ombre hairstyle by dyeing the top of your head a shade darker than your natural hair color. It’s not the conventional way to get the style, but it does create an interesting, textured effect.

The Classic Ponytail
A ponytail is a nice, efficient hair style that’s easy to get up and keep your strands out of your face. Keep it sophisticated with a fancy scrunchie or ribbon to hide the elastic. Also try investing in simple accessories like headbands or ribbons for an extra dash of color.

Go for Hair Colour
If you prefer actual colors on your hair, try experimenting with different colours and usually just a streak will do. It’s important to note that constantly changing your hair color might dry out your strands. Fortunately, there are ways to bring back your hair to health. Adding Argan oil to your hair care regimen will help restore your healthy hair. Argan oil is chock-full of antioxidants and hair-loving nutrients, so this is certainly a must have in your hair care regimen.

Part Your Hair Differently
Sometimes it could be as simple as changing the part in your hair. If you’re more used to side parts, try parting on the opposite side instead, or down the middle. Done the right way, this can add more volume to a usually neglected side of your head.

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