A Good Cause in Every Bottle of Argan Oil

Did you know that you are supporting a very good cause with every purchase of Argan oil bottle? Many people who love the benefits of this oil on the skin, hair and health are not even aware that with every bottle of this oil they buy they are supporting and helping the women of Morocco. You probably are trying to figure out the connection.

Where Argan Oil Originated from

Let us take a look back on where this oil comes from. The Argan oil is a natural extract of the nuts that come from the fruit of Argan trees. The Argan tree is native to the southwestern part of Morocco. For a very long time now the Berber tribe of Morocco has been using this oil for treating illnesses, in cooking and in caring for the skin and hair. The women of the Berber tribe are solely responsible of extracting the oil from the nuts of the Argan fruits.

A Painstaking Process of Oil Extraction

The extraction of this oil is hours of painstaking labour. The process starts with the Berber women harvesting the Argan fruits. Then they would strip the main pulp of the fruit of the nut seeds and dry them under the heat of the sun. To get the seeds, they would have to break the nuts with rocks. Can you imagine just how long and painful it is to break hundreds and hundreds of nuts with a piece of rock? The seeds are then roasted so the oil gets a nutty flavour and then water is added. After water has been added to the roasted nuts, the women will then work on grounding the nuts until they get a thick paste consistency. The thick paste would then be squeezed by the Berber women using their palms to get the oil. This painstaking labour takes about 20 hours and all the hard work are done by women!

How Argan Oil is Helping the Women of Morocco

In the rural parts of Morocco, women traditionally were not allowed to go out and work. But the very high demand for the oil which is called as the liquid gold of Morocco has changed this. Numerous cooperatives all over the south west of Morocco are now producing the precious oil also dubbed as Moroccan miracle oil with women as its work force. The Argan oil which is now very popular in the West as culinary and cosmetic oil has made many women of Morocco the breadwinners of their families.

The high demand for the oil has brought profit in the doorstep of many Moroccan women. Many women can now afford higher education for their children when before most of them even struggle to give their children primary education. The women working in various cooperatives producing this precious Moroccan commodity can now add to the income of their household making it possible to send their children to high school and universities.

The benefits of Argan oil are tremendous. Not only is this oil beneficial to the skin, hair and health, it also helps realise dreams.

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