A Hairy Tale

The Hair Is Quite A Mysterious Body Part

You have hair not just on your head. In fact almost every part of your body has it. Can you name your body parts that do not have hair in them? Take a good look at your body and you would be able to spot a few places without hair. Your lips, the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet do not have hair.

Some of the hair you have on your body is easy to spot. Clearly you can easily see the hair on your head, your arms and legs as well as your eyebrows. But some of the hair on your body are too fine that they are almost not visible. Take for example the hair on your cheeks.

Why Do We Have Hair?

Why do you think we have hair? Well the hair has various purposes. Their location is what determines what their purpose is.

Your crowning glory

Why do you think we have hair on our head? Many think of the hair on our head as something to be styled and express one’s individuality. But the truth is the hair on our head which we often refer to as our crowning glory has more purpose than these things. Your crowing glory actually serves as an insulation meaning it keeps the head warm. It also gives your skull some cushioning.

Your eyelashes and eyebrows

Batting your eyelash may have made it easier for you to get things your way and raising your eyebrows may have done the same as well but definitely your eyebrows and eyelashes have other purposes. Your eyelashes actually protect your eyes from dust and too much light while your eyebrows prevent sweat from your forehead from dripping right into your eyes.

So Where Does Hair Come From?

Wherever your hair may be, one thing is for sure, they all come out of the skin in the same manner. If you take a look at what’s beneath your skin, you would see the hair root where cells are bonding together. They band together so that they can form keratin. What is keratin? This is the protein that makes up the hair. The hair root is found inside a small tube in the skin which is called the follicle. There are small blood vessels found at the base of each of the hair follicles. These small blood vessels is where the nourishment of the hair comes from which makes them grow. When the hair starts growing, it gets pushed up from the root and then outside of the follicle. It then goes through the skin which is when the part when the hair becomes visible.

Visible hair equals dead cells?

Once the hair is already on the skin’s surface, the cells within the strand of your hair are no longer alive. So basically all the hair that you see in your body are actually made up of dead cells. This is the reason why when you get a haircut, the process of hair cutting or trimming is not painful at all. But of course, it would be another story if the person cutting your hair accidentally cuts your skin.

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