A Hearty Chicken Soup Recipe Perfect for the Fall Season

It’s the fall season and the cold weather would have most of us go craving for a warm and hearty soup. We’ve got just the perfect soup recipe for you to try out! Chicken soup is perfect for the fall and since the flu season is upon us, this hearty soup can bolster your immune system and pick you right up! If you have little experience in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry as whipping up this soup is actually very simple.

Chicken Soup Recipe for the Fall

Let us start with the ingredients! Ingredients:
  • Chicken Breast – You will need 2 whole breasts, without the skin. Cut them into thin slices. If you love the thigh and leg part, you can also use them. Just make sure to remove the skin. You can use 2 pieces of chicken quarters.
  • Leeks – 3 bundles of leeks will do. Cut them into The leeks will give the soup an extra healthy boost.
  • Onions – One small onion will do. Slice them up into cubes.
  • Rock Salt – According to taste
  • Ginger – Just use a small piece. This is also optional.
These are all the ingredients you will need for this hearty chicken soup. Directions Time to start making the soup. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!
  • First Step: Grab your pot and put in the chicken. Add in water. Use just enough amount to submerge all the chicken pieces. Second Step: Throw in the onions and ginger plus the stalks (the white part) of the leeks.
  • Third Step: Place your pot on the stove and wait until the water comes to a boil. After a few minutes of boiling, throw in the leaves of the leeks (the green part).
  • Fourth Step: Add salt to taste. Wait a few minutes for the leeks to cook.
Voila! You now have a hearty chicken soup! Serve immediately while the soup is still hot.

Why is this Chicken Soup Perfect for the Flu Season?

For many generations, chicken soup has been considered as a “cure” for common cold. But is chicken soup a cure for the common cold? There is no cure for the common cold yet. But chicken soup can help someone sick with the common cold feel better. According to researchers, chicken soup holds anti-inflammatory properties and helps hasten the movement of mucus through the nose temporarily. Congestion is therefore relieved which in turn shortens the time that viruses are in contact with the nose’s lining. Soup, since it is made of liquid prevents you from getting dehydrated. So soup up this flu season! Try this easy to make hearty chicken recipe. Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends.