A Perfect Pedicure Before a Summer Getaway!

Don'T Forget To Keep Your Skin Safe During Summer Getaway

Finally you have ironed out your summer getaway! You have bought your plane ticket, booked a room in a resort, listed down your itinerary, have packed your bags and checked your list of must-bring twice or even thrice! Everything is absolutely ready for your fun in the sun in a few days! But have you looked at your feet lately? Are they absolutely flip-flop ready?

Stay calm and don’t go berserk if your feet aren’t exactly flip-flop ready! You have plenty of time to get your toes and toenails ready for a flip-flop display. So instead of panicking, start with the pampering!

Say aurevoir to your old nail polish! Remove your old and chipped nail polish with a cotton soaked with nail polish remover. Do not forget to clip your toenails. The way to do it straight across and of course with clean nail clippers. After clipping smooth out the edges and the sides with a nail file. Your nails would look like that it has been clipped and filed by a nail salon professional.

Soak your tired feet in lukewarm water with Moroccan Argan oil. Give your feet a relaxing treat and your nails a soothing soaking. The Moroccan Argan oil will condition your cuticles and moisturise your nails and skin at the same time. The warm water will soothe your tired feet. Soaking time of about 15 minutes will definitely be very relaxing! So grab a reading material, sit back, soak and relax!

Groom your feet! You’ll need a foot file for this grooming task. With one foot resting on the edge of a bucket or your tub, dip the foot file in the water and use the it to smoothen your heel, the ball of your feet and the outsides of your toes. After doing so, dry your foot by patting it with a clean towel. Repeat the same procedure to the other foot. After patting your feet dry, gently push back your cuticles with the nail file.

Moisturise your feet and nails! Don’t deprive your feet of a good massage just because you’re doing your own pedicure. Use the Moroccan Argan oil for the massage as this is a great moisturiser for your skin as well as your nails. Apply firm pressure on the arches and balls of your feet. After you’re done massaging your feet, moisturise your nails by coating each with the precious oil from Morocco. Not only will your nails be moisturised, they will also be strengthened as well.

Paint your nails! The last part is painting your nails! Be sure that your nail polish is free from harmful toxins. Make the habit of checking the ingredients of your polish before paying for them in the counter. Avoid any polish with DBP or Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde as these chemicals are toxic to the body!

Now your feet are ready for a flip-flop display!

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