A Very Healthy Salad Recipe!

It’s time to get healthy! How many times have you heard yourself say this line or maybe heard your brain playing with this idea? If you want to enjoy life and all it has to offer longer it pays to start early on and start actually acting on this idea. Many of us are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t drink heavily or don’t smoke you maybe guilt of a few unhealthy pleasures.

Fond of eating pizza, cheeseburger or fries? For many of us especially those living in the city, fast food restaurants are our source of everyday meals. Hungry? Just order in or drive to the neares fast food restaurant near you. In just a few minutes you have your meal served and you have no mess in the kitchen to clean up after. What many of us are not aware of is that these meals served in fast food restaurants are not very healthy. They are swimming in oil, they are filled with cheese and loaded with unhealthy fats.

When did you last have vegetables? Most fast food meals only have a small piece of leafy green and the rest are just too much of the unhealthy stuff! Obesity is now a serious problem in most developed nations. The number of children suffering from obesity is continuing to rise because of the unhealthy eating habits that we let ourselves and our children indulge in. Many people are suffering from heart attacks and what’s alarming is that even the young ones are developing serious heart diseases these days. It is time to make a stand and turn things around. You can start by changing your eating habits.

Our meals should be balanced. We should have a balanced amount of carbohydrates, protein and fibres in our everyday meals. Most household have no problem eating carbohydrates and protein. Bread, rice and potatoes belong to the energy giving food which means they are packed with carbohydrates. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, shrimp and eggs are some of the usual protein-packed food that many of us love to eat. But when it comes to fibres a high percentage of the nation are not too fond of eating them. Leafy greens are fibre-rich food. If your diet lacks fibre, you are putting your health in all sorts of trouble. You can have digestive problems, gallstones, have high cholesterol and develop heart diseases. You would have a high risk of getting colon cancer and become obese.

Here’s a Healthy Fibre-Rich Salad Recipe


  • Green Lettuce
  • Red Lettuce
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Seedless Red Grapes
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Moroccan Argan Oil

Prepping the Salad

  • Tear the leaves. You can use your hand or a knife in doing so.
  • Slice the carrots into small sizes or shred them and cut the red grapes in half.
  • Place all of them in a bowl and drizzle with white wine vinegar and Moroccan Argan oil. Toss them lightly so your dressing coats the leaves. You can add ham, eggs or toasted bread in the salad.

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