A Whole New Look For Less

Turning over a new leaf often means a lot of things, but it always includes both looking and feeling great. The start of the new season is often an excellent time to change things up, with most people sporting a more positive outlook on a fresh beginning. Still, even the simple things speak volumes about you. Here are ways to mix things up with your appearance.

Part it differently
A lot of us girls have a very specific way of parting our hair, and most often it’s done to just one side. We may not even have noticed that we’ve been doing it for so long. Discover a whole new side to your appearance by simply parting your hair to the other side. If you’d been doing the same part for quite a while now, switching to the other side will offer a more voluminous look to your hair. You might also discover that your face might be framed a bit differently, maybe even better, than when you parted in the usual side.

Update your accessories
Accessorizing can be a sneaky way of making people think you’re sporting a whole new outfit, when in reality you merely tweaked things around to make it look like you are. Instead of blowing all your money on new clothes, work on the items that people tend to see the most, like bracelets and watches. The fashion industry is seeing trends rise for faux crocodile leather and animal skins, so this is a good direcion to go if you’re looking for a new handbag.

Try a new lipstick shade
Have you always been wary of bright red or playful pink shades? Now’s as good a time to start trying on these colours. Red is especially a good colour and is in fact considered one of the most universally wearable lipstick shades by women. Slather on red lipstick and immediately notice the change. Reds also have the advantage of making your teeth look whiter; they also complement all skin types.

Go for a manicure
Start simple, right? Nails are seemingly tiny aspects of your overall look, but the condition of your nails can say plenty. Experiment with different nail art and unexpected colors! You’ll never know what great combination you might find. Remember to keep them clean, well-trimmed and healthy!

Home hair treatments
Argan oil is a natural extract that’ll give you a run for your money. It’s effective on skin and hair, providing just the right amount of moisture and nourishing every strand and root with antioxidants and vitamin E. If you have the money to spare, invest in Argan oil instead of a fancy hair treatment at a salon. It’s great value for much less.

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