A Woman’s Guide to Youthful Skin

Women take pride in how their skin glows and looks. It is a natural instinct to try to look presentable and appealing not just for the opposite gender but more important, for one’s own satisfaction and happiness.

That is the reason why women look for miracle wonders that would clear their skin from blemishes and imperfections. They got their work cut out for them because there are a lot of products offering to help make your skin youthful and lavishing.

But here is a product that not only promises – it actually delivers! Let’s talk about argan and anti-aging.

The Process of Producing Argan Oil

  1. The argan fruits that come from the Argan tree found in the Southwestern part of Morocco are matured (around July-August).
  2. These fruits are left to dry.
  3. Dried flesh is removed either by hand or through a machine.
  4. The nuts that are taken out from the dried fruits are manually crushed between two stones by local women in order to get intact kernels.
  5. These kernels will be crushed with the use of a traditional windmill to extract the oil.
  6. One liter of argan oil will take around 10-20 hours to make.
  7. Pure natural argan oil is made from kernels of argan seeds without any additives and it is 100% pure natural products.
  8. The oil is then filtered in a special oil filter and then individually bottled.

Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Skin

Known to be a rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil will only do good to your skin. Vitamin E, liked for its antioxidant powers, is well known as being an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Argan oil also contains 80% essential fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation and to trap in moisture that help keep skin stay glowing.

Argan oil also has a rich amount of squalene, a compound that helps in the production of collagen compounds. Squalene is a substance that makes skin soft.

Phytosterols are also present in argan oil. It is a substance that protects collagen. While phenolic compounds are also present to guard skin against free radicals.

Argan and Anti-Aging

All the above mentioned elements help women by:

  • Diminishing wrinkles
  • Helping skin become softer
  • Reduces scarring
  • Helps skin get back its natural glow
  • Helps balance sebum production to keep skin youthful and blemish free

Staying beautiful with a radient, young looking skin has become possible through discoveries such as this. The discovery of argan oil as a natural source of vitamins and nutrients has indeed helped women from all over to get their youthful looking skin back.

When used on a regular basis, argan oil not only promises good results but has proven time and time and again that it has all the compounds necessary to bring about good results.

Buy from reputable sources and make sure you are getting 100% pure argan oil to get the full nutritional benefits of this wondrous oil from Morocco!

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