Acrylic Nail Care Guide

Acrylic Nails Can Be As Good A Natural Ones

Acrylic nails have been around for quite a time and many women are already wearing them. Acrylic nails are quite handy especially if you want to have instant long, strong and thick nails or if you can’t grow them naturally. Another reason why many women love acrylic nails is the fact that they are easily decorated just like natural ones.

It does not mean that you can forego nail care just because you are wearing acrylic nails. Anyone who is wearing acrylic nails should know how to properly care for them since neglecting them can lead to nail splitting or fungi growth. Some also tend to forget about taking care of the real nails underneath the acrylic nails and this as well is a bad practice.

Caring for your acrylic nails will make them last longer and also keep your natural nails protected from damage. Here are seven nail care tips you should follow when you have acrylic nails.

Caring for Your Acrylic Nails

  • Don’t Use Your Nails as a Knife or a Tin Opener
    You might think that your acrylic nails are indestructible but the truth s they are not. They were not designed to open tins or punching a hole through plastic bags. Although they seem quite strong, they were not made to handle such a beating. You should also not bite them.
  • Always Keep them Dry
    If there is one thing that your acrylic nails should stay away from, it’s water. Water can cause your nails to lift and it turns your nails to an ideal place for bacteria and fungi to thrive. You would not want any of these things to happen to your nails, would you? So make sure that your nails are always dry. After washing your hands, don’t forget to dry them thoroughly using a clean and dry towel. If you wish to make your acrylic nails stay on a great condition for a longer time, you should do you best to make sure that water does not seep underneath them.
  • Use Gloves Whenever Doing Chores
    You should have at least 2 pairs of rubber gloves handy at home and whenever you will do chores make sure to slip a pair on especially if the chores involve handling water such as washing the dishes, scrubbing or doing the laundry. The rubber gloves will help keep your nails dry and prevent chipping, splitting as well as your nails snagging on things.
  • Swab Your Acrylic Nails with Alcohol Before Going to Bed
    Alcohol can dry out your natural nails however swabbing alcohol on your fake or acrylic nails will help get rid of dirt and bacteria that have accumulated. Make this a habit before going to bed every night. Don’t panic if you see your acrylic nails starting to have a cloudy appearance when you wake up in the morning after swabbing them with alcohol. Your acrylic nails will be just as good as new with a coat of clear white polish.
  • Let the Professionals Remove Your Acrylic Nails
    You may think that you can easily handle this task but the chances that you’ll ruin your natural nails underneath the acrylic nails are quite high. So just leave this task to a nail professional.

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