Adios Bad Hair Days!

Have you ever used the expression “I am having a bad hair day”? Most women often use this saying and they most especially use it when nothing seems to be going right. Obviously women have high regard for their hair. With this expression one can obviously see that the hair most specifically the feel and look of the hair has a big impact on women. No one wants a bad hair day let alone bad hair that they have to wear around. Bad hair is usually dry, frizzy and brittle, the very kind that most women dread having. The great news is you can still revive your hair and bring back its shining glory. Don’t start pulling out your hair in frustration if you have dry, frizzy and brittle hair.

Care Tips for Your Crowning Glory

  1. Prevent damage caused by the elements by properly protecting your hair. The wind, sun and cold damage the hair by stripping off its essential oils. Naturally when your hair loses its essential oils it will become dry and frizzy as well as brittle. Protect your hair from the howling winds and the cold by wearing a hat. This is most especially during the winter season. The cold winter months can bring in strong cold winds which will cause your hair to become dry. Never ever step out without your winter hat on. The same is true during the summer season. Dry and strong winds can also be expected during the summer season. Top it up with the scorching heat from the sun and your hair is in for some serious battering. If you are going out with dry winds blowing or under the heat of the sun, then don’t forget to wear your floppy hat or summer hat. This is most especially if you are headed to the beach. The sandy beaches bring the heat and strong winds together. Aside from wearing your summer hat, you should also use a hair sunscreen to prevent the harmful damages caused by the sun.
  2. Avoid swimming for too long and too often in chlorinated water. During the summer season it would be hard to avoid the water but if you are serious about getting your hair healthy first you should avoid being in chlorinated water for too long. Chlorine also strips off the hair of its natural oils. Make it a habit to apply conditioner on your hair after taking a dip in chlorinated water.
  3. Use a conditioner packed with moisturiser. Dry hair means that the hair has lost its essential oils. Applying conditioner as often as you can even daily is advisable to bring back moisture and essential oils to the hair.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair

The Argan oil is an excellent choice for conditioning the hair. It contains high levels of Vitamin E which helps in smoothing out damaged hair. Its essential unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the hair and get rid of split ends. The antioxidants of the Argan oil repair damaged cell membranes of the hair. Please Note: This article discusses how to make your hair beautiful and smooth. It also advises the use of Argan oil in treating dry, frizzy and brittle hair.