Aging and Sagging Skin

Many women are all out on their weapons against wrinkles. If teens are obsessed about getting rid of pimples, mature women have their eyes focused on fine lines especially on the face. Skin doctors stress out that wrinkles are not the only issue of skin ageing. In fact dermatologists are in agreement that aside from wrinkles there are other three big issues that need to be addressed in order to maintain a more youthful skin. The other three are sagging skin, discoloration and skin redness.

Let us first talk about sagging skin. Sagging skin is something that we don’t want to wear. But many of us have had to deal with hanging skin especially on the arms and chin. Is there a way for us to avoid this skin issue or is it inevitable?

You probably have heard that when you get older, gravity starts to pull everything down. When it comes to sagging skin it would be wrong to blame everything on gravity. There are other things going on in the skin as we add on the years.

The truth is as we get older, the structure of the skin deep under starts to break down. This is what causes our face to start losing its definition and the skin to starts losing that plumpness and resilience it once wore when we were young. The rate of skin cell renewal also slows down as we age. All of these things plus genetics, changes in our weight and sun exposure over the years, the skin starts sagging. Some dermatologists believe that once the skin starts to sag, often times the pores grow larger making it seem like they were stretched.

At Home Solutions for Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is something that you can not easily fix. The truth is among all the four issues of skin aging, this may be the issue that needs more attention and intervention. So how do you deal with this issue?

  • Have a good moisturiser handy.
    A potent moisturiser can help bring back plumpness to your skin temporarily. The Moroccan Argan oil is a great choice as it contains Vitamin E, Sterols and essential fatty acids. These nutrients all have powerful moisturising properties. Sterols also have the ability to lock in moisture to the skin by providing a thin coat of layer on the skin’s surface therefore preventing moisture from escaping in the air. Sterols also help maintain the integrity of cell membrane structures therefore preventing the skin to sag. The oil is also laden with nutrients that aid in skin cell regeneration.
  • Apply night cream
    Before getting your nightly snooze lather on night cream with retinol as its active ingredient. Vitamin C serum and those with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHAs beta hydroxy acids are also great choices. They work better at night and aid in making skin cell renewal faster therefore giving you a firmer skin.

Sagging skin is inevitable but you can delay it. Share these tips to other women!

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