Celebrities Have To Stay And Look Young

Aging Gracefully: Secrets from Celebrities

Do you want to know how you can age gracefully? Here are some of the anti-aging secrets of celebrities who evidently still look youthful even as they age.

Age-Defying Secrets from Celebrities

  • Yoga, Running and Healthy Smoothies Christy Turlington Burns has graced the covers of many magazines and even at age 44 she looks beaming and younger than her age. Her secret? This cover girl does yoga and a lot of running. In April of 2011. Christy Turlington Burns ran and completed that year’s New York City Marathon. Another secret for her youthful and beaming look are healthy smoothies with various vegetables mixed in.
  • Regular Workout and Healthy Eating Habits Halle Berry undeniably has one of the best bodies in Hollywood and at 46 years old, her skin glows with youthfulness. The 46-year old maintains her fit figure by working out for 90 minutes four times a week. Halle Berry is also known to eat fresh, whole foods, lots of vegetables and protein. Because Berry is diabetic, she eats five times in a day to keep her blood sugar levels in check.
  • Less Make-Up and More Sweat The less make-up age defying secret is from one of the most prominent supermodels that have graced the catwalk and magazine covers. That’s right, Cindy Crawford at age 47 advocates the use of less make up to look younger. On May 2, 2012, Cindy Crawford showed just how beautiful she is without make-up when she attended the Satellite Awards. Cindy Crawford also reveals that her youthful glow is because of regular runs, weight lifting, Pilates and hikes.
  • Playing Sports Jane Seymour is already 62 years old but she is still a head turner and with her level of fitness you would think she is nowhere near the 50-year age bracket. The younger looking Seymour regularly plays tennis and golf to keep her body fit and make her skin glow.
  • Cardio Exercises Sela Ward became a bigger household name thanks to the hit TV series House. Sela Ward is already 57 years old but she doesn’t look even a day older than 40. Her secret? Sela Ward does three cardio workouts in a week using her StairMaster.
  • Moisturizing Catherine Keener is already 54 years old but her skin doesn’t show it. What’s the secret behind her youthful glow? Keener keeps her skin moisturized. It may be a simple trick but keeping the skin moisturized is key to attaining a youthful skin. Skin that is cracking and flaking is one sure sign of aging as this means that the outer layer of the skin is already dead. So if you want to keep your skin youthful don’t ever forget to moisturize.
These are the secrets of celebrities that have aged gracefully. Follow their age-defying tricks to maintain your youthful glow. Found this post helpful? Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends.


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