Aloe Vera and Its Wonderful Hair Benefits

Aloe Vera Is A Great Plant For Beauty

Do you know just how beneficial aloe vera is to the hair? Let us find out.

Aloe Vera and Hair Growth

The use of Aloe vera on hair can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. This is according to the researchers of the University of Hawaii. Its ability to promote hair growth comes from its proteolitic enzymes. These enzymes are said to have the ability to get rid of dead skin cells on the scalp that may be clogging the hair follicles. The clogging of hair follicles makes it difficult for essential hair nutrients to penetrate through resulting to slow hair growth. Seborrhea on the scalp or simply “dandruff” happens when sebum and dead skin cells start to accumulate on the scalp, which also can result to partial baldness. You can use aloe vera to treat this problem as the plant has keratolic action which breaks down the sebum and dead skin cells that have piled up on the scalp therefore promoting further hair growth. Aloe vera also has alkalizing properties helping bring down the pH level of the scalp and hair to a level that is desirable. This of course helps in promoting hair growth while at the same time retaining water and moisture.

Aloe Vera and Its Anti-Pruritic Properties

The anti-pruritic properties of aloe vera help bring down itching and dryness. Pruritus ailments such as eczema and psoriasis affect the skin including the scalp. Psoriasis is generally characterized by patches of itchy, reddish with white or silver-like scales due to an excessive production of skin cells. This auto-immune disease can also affect the scalp. As mentioned before, aloe vera’s enzymes destroy excess dead skin cells while at the same time conditioning the scalp. Aloe can also effectively reduce the itchiness, redness, scaling, as well as inflammation of scalp psoriasis. The Archives of Dermatology reported a study stating more than 80% of psoriasis patients treated with aloe vera showed improvement.

Aloe Vera for Conditioning Hair

Aside from soothing and helping solve scalp problems, aloe vera is also a great hair conditioner. The gel-like substance of aloe vera leaf has a similar composition of keratin, the protein which makes up the hair. This structural similarity makes it easier for the goodness of aloe vera to penetrate the full length of the hair shaft. Aloe vera also contains 20 amino acids that add strength and luster to locks!

Add aloe vera or products containing aloe vera in your hair care regimen and you’ll see wonderful improvements!

Argan Oil for Hair
Another great hair product to use on your hair is the Argan oil. The oil contains antioxidants and nutrients with moisturizing properties. Daily use of Argan oil on hair will help keep your hair more luxurious, more manageable and more beautiful!

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