Alone But Healthy!

While movies are just movies, most scenes are actually based on real life. For the ladies, I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the scene where the female character in her pajamas orders Chinese take-out and eats alone on her couch while crying her heart out over her favorite romantic, sometimes tragic movies. I’m sure that many are not just familiar with this scene…many can actually relate as well.

A study made in 2008 showed that 73 percent of people living in single-person households actually eat alone regularly. Unfortunately, eating alone is often tantamount to eating unhealthy as well. With no one to take care of you, the hell with your figure, right?

But ladies, you’ll never find “the one” with eating alone all the time! Get a hold of yourself and go out into the world looking healthy and brimming with confidence. Here’s how!

Healthy Foods Should be a Staple in Your Kitchen

Who doesn’t love salad? Have a pack ready at home. Grocery stores have packed salads already in case you’re too lazy to cut lettuce for dinner. Have a healthy dressing in hand all the time to boost your salad when you already feel like having one. Go for oils like olive or culinary Argan oil instead of the fattening ones like Ceasar and thousand islands. The culinary Argan oil is loaded with unsaturated essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This oil is healthy for the heart, brain and the body’s immune system! It also is great for the skin so you’re definitely getting a healthy and beauty boost with each drizzle.

One Protein Per Week

One of the reasons why single women who eat alone eat unhealthy is because they’re too lazy (I mean busy) to prepare a healthy, party-worthy meal for one. One way to hurdle this obstacle is by preparing one main protein for the week. You can, let’s say, roast a whole chicken over the weekend then just add different ingredients daily to transform it into a new meal.


To cut prep time, you can already cut your veggies once you bring them home from the grocery. Put it in a sealed container and place it in the fridge. This will make it easier for you to incorporate veggies into your daily meals. Just grab a container then cook!


Don’t worry. I’m not going to arrest you for eating unhealthy. If you still go back to your old ways though after this post, I just might. Did you know that frozen foods are sometimes healthier than both fresh and canned ones? Nutritionists explain that unlike canned ones, frozen veggies have no additives and sugar. They add that frozen fruits and vegetables are harvested and frozen at the height of their growing period, making them more nutritious.

Super Soups

They may not seem as filling but soups can actually curb appetite. The key, nutritionists reveal, is to fill your soup for the day with the right ingredients.

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