Already Past Your Hay Days and Still Suffering from Acne?

Whoever told you that only teenagers suffer from acne got it all wrong. Recent studies show that over half of adult women also suffer from this problem. What’s worse, at this stage, you’re most likely struggling to get rid of those wrinkles as well. Whoever said that 30’s a charm may not have encountered this double whammy yet.

Do read on though because your age doesn’t mean you already know what to do. You may have had the best acne-fighting routine back in the days but this weapon of yours, may not work this time around.

Tips for Adults Suffering from Acne

NO Squeezing!

Yes, this tip still holds true up to this day. While you may already know this since your teen years, pretty sure even back then, this was one of the tips that’s just impossible to follow. With prom night just around the corner, popping that unsightly red spot on your face seemed like the right thing to do then. Hopefully by now you have found the will to prevent the urge. You know why? Because at your age, your skin takes longer to regenerate. If you give in to the temptation now, you will be carrying those scars for a longer period of time.

Stay away from anti-acne products that dry the skin!

There are a number of effective anti-acne products available in the market. However, for mature skin especially those with visible lines and wrinkles already, it is best to stay away from anti-acne products that dry the skin. As you age, your skin becomes dryer. Dry skin exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles so you really have to stay away from products that will dry your skin more.

NO to pore-clogging make-up

One of the factors blamed for acne is the skin’s natural oil clogging the pores. Top this off with pore-clogging makeup and you’ll most likely end up battling acne and wrinkles. If you don’t want this to happen, opt for cosmetic products that are non-comodegenic. These products have been formulated to not clog the pores. Wash your makeup brushes regularly to rid them of dirt that can also contribute to the development of acne.

Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

Sunscreen does not only help in the <em>anti-aging</em> aspect. It can help fight <strong>acne</strong> as well. The sun’s rays breakdown the skin’s collagen and this process causes the skin to dry out. And you already know what happens when your skin is dry… it produces more oil to compensate. More oil means more chances of the acne-causing bacteria that naturally resides on the skin to thrive !!! So apply sunscreen!

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