Should my nighttime skincare routine differ from the morning?

If you’re like many busy women, your skincare regimen may be the same regardless of the time of day. Do you have different routines for morning and night? Ideally, they should differ. Take a look at the different skincare steps to take when you wake up or settle in for the night.

1. Your Daytime Technique

Remember that your skin faces many challenges during the day, including:

  • Sunlight damage
  • Pollution

You want a morning routine that protects your skin from these elements, which contribute to aging and other surface issues. Follow these routine steps, such as:

  • Remove nighttime oils with a gentle cleanser
  • Lightly apply eye cream to that sensitive skin near the nose
  • Lather on an SPF moisturizer that’s designed for the face

There are countless products to apply as moisturizers so you’ll need to use your judgement to narrow down the right lotion. During the day, you want a lightweight product. Your skin is able to move freely, which encourages fewer fine lines and wrinkles over time. Avoid a lot of makeup on top of your moisturizer in order to maintain a fresh look as well.

2. Transitioning to Evening

Your skin takes a break from the harmful, exterior elements at night. Take this time to apply more complex products, especially if they tend to be photosensitive ingredients. Use these steps to brighten your skin tone, including:

  • Lather on a stronger cleanser than the morning to remove particles from your skin
  • Use an age-defying serum on your entire face
  • Focus your attention on applying repair serum around the eyes
  • Select and gently rub a penetrating moisturizer onto your face

Sleep on your back so that your face can take advantage of the products applied to it. You might want to pull your hair back with a tie or headband in order to keep any hair from rubbing against your face. By morning, your skin glows with healthy delight. Continue with your morning ritual as a way to connect your routines together.

3. Using Argan Oil as a Moisturizing Tool

With so many different products for day and night, you might be surprised that one substance can be used for both occasions. Argan oil is an essential oil that comes directly from Morocco. It works as a moisturizer for both day and night. Enjoy these other benefits, including:

  • Antioxidant for aging skin
  • No oil-clogging drawbacks
  • Balances out oily skin

Whether it’s morning or evening, apply argan oil to your bare skin. You want the natural oils to move into your pores and deeper skin levels. Add other products, such as SPF moisturizers, on top of the oil.

No oily feeling should result from your argan-oil use because it absorbs in only a few minutes. Your skin will look more supple with only a few applications. Use only a few drops of argan oil in various locations across the face. In this case, a little bit of this essential oil goes a long way.

Are you ready to change your skincare habits today? Share your comments in the section below so that the tips are offered to anyone who’s interested. Learn something new that can change your look for years to come. That dry and dull skin can look spectacular once again with the right products treating the face in the morning and nighttime.