Which Exercises Can Slow Down The Aging Process?

Your age may just be a number, but your tissues show off the time passing with fine lines, wrinkles and other issues. Everyone wants to feel and look young even as they enter their 50s and beyond. One of the keys to the fountain of youth is exercising on a regular basis. You can find anti-aging properties in daily exercise with these top activities to follow.

1. Squatting Exercises

Tone your thighs and encourage strong hip muscles by performing squats. As you age, your balance declines. You want strong hips and legs to keep you upright with a healthy posture.

Follow these steps to perform a perfect squat, including:

• Feet spread about hip-width apart

• Bend your knees and shift your weight onto the heels

• Pretend you’re sitting into a chair and stop the movement when your thighs are parallel to the floor

• Stand back up

2. Resistance Training

Grab a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands. Perform bicep curls for your upper arms, or lift the weights above your head for a shoulder workout. Any resistance training for your muscles contributes to a more youthful body. The muscles tone up, which contributes to smoother skin above the healthier tissues.

Working the muscles also increases your metabolism rate. You’ll burn more calories in a day, which leads to weight loss. Your skin also benefits with more energy for tissue regeneration.

3. Cardiovascular Pursuits

Researchers have found that performing aerobic activities, such as biking or jogging, can actually improve your cells’ lifespans. The chemical compounds created during cardiovascular workouts protect your chromosomes from potential aging damage. Consider these workout choices, such as:

• Biking

• Swimming

• Walking

• Jogging

• Water aerobics

Elevating the heart rate is your main goal. Internal chemicals start churning during these peak periods, which contributes to anti-aging processes.

4. The Plank

Maintaining your core muscles, including the back and abdominals, will turn back the hands of time too. These muscles directly contribute to a strong posture so that hunching over isn’t part of your senior years.

Follow these steps to a safe, plank position:

• Contract the abdominal muscles

• Lean into a step or bench with your hands as if you were performing a pushup

• Keep your body straight as you hold the plank position and your hands remain aligned under the shoulders

• Return to a standing position after holding the plank for 10 seconds or longer

5. Fancy Footwork

Place a hula hoop on the ground. Use one foot at a time to quickly move in and out of the circle. This exercise helps the aging process by keeping your quick-twitch muscles in shape. Rapid muscle movements decline over time, and you’ll notice a more flexible feeling in your limbs as a result of the workout.

6. After-Workout Regimen

After your workout, be sure to moisturize your skin. Don’t grab that over-the-counter lotion because synthetic products won’t help the anti-aging process. Essential oils, such as argan oil, readily absorb into the skin. You’ll notice a more supple feeling across your skin after each application.

Applying argan oil after a workout is the best time because your pores are open to the product. You’ve been sweating during the workout, and it’s time to replenish that moisture with the essential oil.

Share this article with your loved ones, and start an exercise group today. It’s never too late to start a fountain-of-youth campaign as you use science and essential oils to guide your way. Your skin, muscles and skeleton will feel different after only a few sessions.