Anti-Aging Tips: Foods You Need to Avoid!

We have already discussed in our previous posts some foods that can help you look and feel young and foods that can even delay the aging process. Along with eating anti-aging foods, you should also see to it that you avoid or at least limit your intake of foods that cause or hasten the aging process.

It is great that you have an idea of foods that can help you bring back that youthful glow and you are including these foods in your daily diet. But an anti-aging diet will be more effective if you also know which ones to avoid. We have listed here some of the foods that can cause aging. And of course, you should avoid or limit intake of these foods. Scroll down the list of aging foods that we have made and be sure to avoid them.

You do not need a science degree to realize which foods can cause or hasten aging. All you need to know is if a certain food item can harm your health, it sure can hasten aging.

  • Meats, dairy and baked treats that are high in fat – These foods are packed with saturated fat and this is the bad fat. Saturated fat can clog or cause blockage in your arteries which can mean heart problems.
  • Sugar – We don’t mean to forego anything with sugar. What we mean is to limit your intake of sugar. Too much sugar can make your blood sugar levels go haywire on a roller coaster ride. Fluctuation in blood sugar levels is not healthy. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia leads to more stress and anxiety. It can also cause mood swings, heart palpitations and high blood pressures. This is because when you are hypoglycemic or when your sugar levels fall too low your body produces adrenaline, too much of it. When you have low blood sugar levels you may experience nervousness, sweating, trembling, hunger, weakness as well as palpitations. Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels on the other hand results to high insulin. Over time this can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is because your body can no longer keep or maintain high levels of insulin for sugar to be broken down. This is usually called pre-diabetes. What happens is fat builds up because of insulin resistance as well and the body’s inability to break down fat.
  • Use salt sparingly and avoid eating foods peppered with salt. – When you consume too much salt, you are at risk of raising your blood pressure. Over the years, having high blood pressure can bring damage to different parts of the body such as your kidneys, eyes as well as your brain. In a day, your salt consumption should only be limited to 2400 mg or roughly a teaspoon of table salt. If you already have high blood pressure, your doctor may ask you to even lower your intake around 1500 mg in a day.

Follow these tips to keep your body healthy and youthful!

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