Applying Argan Oil on your Nails

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Argan oil as nail toner is gaining popularity today. This is primarily due to the great results experience by those who have used argan oil and started telling their friends spreading the good news. So today, to help you get these great nails that you had heard or read about thanks to Argan oil from Morocco, here are several tips on how to apply it on your nails.

Applying Argan oil on your fingernails

Applying argan oil in your fingernails is easy. All you need to do are the following:
  • To begin with, mix the Argan oil with lemon juice. The mixture should have a 50-50 ratio. Make this mixture in a bowl where you can dip both your hands into.
  • Clean your hands and fingernails before dipping them. Wipe your nails and fingers dry using a damp cloth.
  • If your nails had been colored use a nail polish remover before applying the oil and lemon juice mixture.
  • Dip your fingers into the mixture. Leave them dipped for 15 minutes. Do this every week.
  • For cuticle only treatment you can apply the Argan or also called miracle oil directly to the cuticle. You can use your fingers or the brush of an empty nail polish.
  • You can also apply pure Argan oil directly to your nails. You can massage 3 to 4 drops of the oil on your nails. Do this until the oil is completely absorbed by the nails.

Applying argan oil on your toenails

The application is almost the same as for the fingernails.
  • Prepare a 50-50 mixture of the Moroccan oil and lemon juice on a basin. The amount should be enough to submerge your toes in.
  • Clean your toes first before dipping them. If your toenails are painted remove the color using a nail polish remover.
  • Dip your toes in the mixture with your heels resting on the edge of the hole. Do this for 15 minutes every week.
  • Directly apply the Moroccan oil on the cuticles of your toenails. You can use the brush of an empty nail polish or apply it using your fingers.
  • You can also apply several drops of the oil and massage it on your toenails until it is completely absorbed.
You can also apply this oil after you have applied your favorite nail polish on your nails. The nails can still absorb the oil. You can do this if you plan on massaging the oil on your nail. But when you are dipping them polish your nails after the treatment. If you plan on filing your nails do this first before applying the oil. Now that you know how to apply this oil on your nails, start preparing your nail treatment using this oil in the comfort of your own home. I recommend starting with your toenails to make the process much easier to execute. Also remember to have fresh lemons ready to make the mixture much more effective and soothing. Ask someone for help if you need to.