Are Teens Too Vain to Think?

Teenagers Can Go To The Wrong Direction If Not Guided Properly

I know this sounds harsh. I have no intention to offend. However, a recent survey supports claims that most teens are willing to risk their health for vanity. Isn’t this not thinking clearly?

Okay, we are gulity of doing harmful stuff to our body as well…like eating too much fats, using lead-filled make-up, smoking, drinking and many other nasty stuff. It’s just so sad to know that at such a young age, kids are already consciously risking their health.

Did you know that there is an increase in the number of teens using tanning beds? Did you know also that most of them are aware that ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds is the major culprit behind melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer? Wait there is more…did you know that on top of all these, many of them still use tanning beds despite having cases of skin cancer in their family?

Yes, these are scary facts and they are supported by numbers.


  • 86 percent of the survey respondents admitted using tanning beds at least once a year despite knowing that this activity can cause skin cancer.
  • 66 percent of them explained that they look attractive with a tan. 87 percent even qualified that they look attracttive with a tan achieved from tanning beds.
  • 48 percent of those who have indoor tanned in the past year revealed they knew someone of skin cancer.

Irony of it All
What’s ironic, experts say, is that there are more indoor tanners who are concerned about their appearance and are worried about future wrinkles. 42 percent of them admitted to this. This is a big number compared to the 28% of their non-indoor tanning peers who are concerned about this aging problem.

Doctors cannot emphasize this enough. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation hasten the aging process so if you’re really concerned about having wrinkles, then tanning beds should be a no-no!

A Grim Future
If this trend continues, then doctors are afraid of what lies ahead. Melanoma cases have been steadily increasing by 2.8 percent yearly since 1998. Last year alone, there are an estimated 124,000 new cases of this deadly skin cancer. This number could dramatically jack up in the future if the attitude of our teens towards tanning does not change.

Appearance is important to a lot of people and for good reasons. It can boost your confidence and can improve your well-being. If you can’t say no to tanning altogether, why not do it the natural way. Use tanning lotions in conjuction with your sunscreen. You’ll get that same bronze look as well but you remain protected from the sun’s UV rays.

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