Are UV Nail Lamps Dangerous?

Many of us are already familiar with nail drying machines. Many professional nail salons have them. There are two types of nail drying machines and they are the air drying machine, and UV drying machine.

Love UV Nail Lamps?

The love for UV nail dryers, also called UV nail lamps is growing. This is because these machines cut down nail drying time down to a minute or even less than a minute depending on the wattage of the lamp. For many busy women, these UV nail lamps do seem to be quite a gift. Which of these two machines does your favorite nail salon use when drying your nails? If your answer is the UV drying machine, then you need to listen up. You need to take extra caution about exposing your skin to this type of nail drying machine. Yes! Some skin areas of your hands get exposed to the UV rays emitted by the nail drying machine.

The Dangers of UV Nail Lamps

So why must one be cautious about using these UV nail lamps. Here is why. UV nail lamps emit UVA rays. UVA rays are the type that penetrate deeply through the skin the most. Plus UVA rays have long been associated with skin cancer. Although UV nail lamps are small, the amount of UVA rays they emit is equaivalent to that of a tanning bed. Now that’s a lot of UVA rays from such a tiny machine. Now think about how often you go to your favorite salon and get a manicure. If you get a manicure every week and a UV nail lamp is used always to dry your polish then you are getting exposed to a lot of UVA rays. And such high exposure to UVA rays can lead to the development of skin cancer. Aside from skin cancer, UV nail lamps can also give you age spots and wrinkles plus make your hands lose saggy as the skin can start to lose its elasticity. For sure, you would not want your hands looking as such.

Protecting Yourself from UV Nail Lamps

The next time you step inside your favorite nail salon, ask them to use the air drying machine instead. Or if you have the time, just wait until your nail polish dry. If you love gel manicures, some may require UV light for it to cure. You can either forego gel manicures or you can apply sunscreen on your hands (and feet if you’re having a pedicure) before the nail polish is applied. Do you have friends or loved ones who love UV nail lamps? Like our Facebook page and share this post to spread the information.