Are You Aware of the “Toxic Trio” in Nail Polishes?

Are you aware of the toxic trio in nail polishes?

When you give colours to your nails, are you using non-toxic and water based nail polishes? Are you also using a nail polish remover free from acetone when removing the colours on your nails? If you want your nails to be healthy and strong then you should make sure that whatever you apply on them are free from toxic chemicals.

Many go to nail salons to get mani and pedi as a way to pamper themselves especially after a long week of hard work. A simple mani and pedi can definitely brighten one’s mood, accentuate an outfit and hide a not so flattering nail. However one should be very careful! You may be wearing trendy colours on your nails but you may also be exposing yourself as well as others to dangereous chemicals. A mani and pedi may make you feel like a princess but most nail polishes are made with chemicals that have nasty effects on your health.

So before you coat your nails with your choice of colour for the week, you should first make sure that the nail polish is free from any harmful chemicals!

Your Alarm Bells Should be Ringing if…

  • after opening a bottle of nail polish, a strong chemical aroma wafts to your nostrils! This strong odour of nail polishes which many of us have gotten used to (with some people even loving this smell) is actually thanks to a group of ingredients that are referred to as the toxic trio! The name itself says it all and screams stay away

The Toxic Trio

The chemicals aptly named as toxic trio are each listed in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database as the most toxic chemicals. So what are the toxic trio chemicals?

  • DBP – Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP can possibly trigger asthma attacks. Studies have also shown that DBP have effects on developmental and reproductive aspects of the body having its greatest effect on the male reproductive system. This chemical has also been tested on lab animals and the results show that it can cause cancer.
  • Toluene – This chemical is a solvent commonly found in gasoline. This chemical is so volatile that it is easily absorbed by the skin and nails and also through inhalation. Tolouene has been known to make people dizzy and cause intoxication for a short time.
  • Formaldehyde – This chemical is something that you should stay away from as it is listed as a human carcinogen. What is a carcinogen? This is something that causes cancer. Formaldehyde also goes by the name Formalin.

If you want to ensure that your nails are free from dangerous chemicals make sure to check the ingredients of nail polish or any nail care product that you would be coating your nails with! If a nail product contains any of the toxic trio chemicals stay very far away from it!

The Moroccan Argan Oil

To prevent your nails from getting brittle and prone to breakage and chhipping, coat and soak them with Moroccan Argan oil. This oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and  sterols which all have moisturizing properties.

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