Are You Going to be a Dad Soon?

Being A Father Entails Lots Of Responsibilities

When the subject of pregnancy is mentioned, the focus would usually be on the mothers. This is not surprising at all since it would be the mothers who would be carrying the developing baby for 9 months. But this does not mean that fathers-to-be should be out of the picture when their wives or partners are carrying a baby. In fact, fathers-to-be should be involved as much as they can as well, the fact is, they are half the reason for that growing baby.

During pregnancy, your wife or girlfriend would have raging hormones so expect that she would be one emotional roller coaster. You’ll have to stretch your patience beyond your normal range and try your very best to show her that she has your love and support. You can do simple things to show your love and support to both your partner and the growing baby.

Here are some ideas!

Pamper and Pamper
Your wife or girlfriend would love some pampering especially from you. During pregnancy, the added baby weight will make her feel tired almost all the time. You can give her a foot massage or a back rub at the end of the day. It is best to use the Moroccan Argan oil for the foot massage or back rub. The anti-inflammatories in the oil will soothe tired muscles. You can massage the oil in the affected area or mix it with lemon juice.

A Pedicure at Home
Man up and give your woman a pedicure. At some point of her pregnancy, your wife or girlfriend would no longer be able to reach her feet and she won’t even be able to clip her own toenails. This is the best time for you to step in. Give her a foot scrub, foot massage and clip her toenails for her. You don’t have to apply nail polish if she’s not up to it or you know you would do a very bad job. But if the pedicure involves coating the toenails with polish, make sure that the polish you would be using do not contain any toxic ingredient that could harm both the mom and the baby inside. You can use the Argan oil for the foot soak. Just put a few drops of the oil in a basin of lukewarm water. You may also add a few drops of lemon juice as well. You can even make a strawberry foot soak!

Prepare Healthy Meals
Another great way to show support and love to your wife or girlfriend is making sure that she and the baby are getting the nutrition they both need. You should learn preparing healthy meals. Snacks should also be always handy as your wife or girlfriend would need to eat at least extra 300 calories now that she has a bun in the oven. A balanced diet is very much recommended. Here’s a guide on what you need to achieve a well-balanced meal.

  • lean meat
  • fruits and vegetables
  • whole grains
  • dairy products low in fat

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